How to Build a Responsive List FAST

Published by Mark Gossage — 2-25-2017 at 6:02 PM UTC


It's an Action Guide as everything starts with Action, especially List Building!

Lists don't completely build themselves, even at Your Viral List. You need to take some action to get it moving in the right direction.  

The more action you take on executing proven strategies, the faster you will build and the more members you will get added from Viral pass-ups too.

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After all, you can't get viral pass-ups until you add some members on your own!

The basics of how to get signups to your list at Your Viral List are simple.  Send traffic to your referral link from high converting sources.  Those people like the offer, signup and POW, they are on your list.

However, many people get stuck right on the first item ... sending traffic.  "Where do I get traffic?"

Where is the Best FREE Traffic Hiding

Well, all traffic breaks down into two categories ... free or paid.

Paid traffic can come from sources like solo ads, Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Bing, and other paid sources.  With paid traffic, the key is all about how much are you spending and the conversions, which gives you a Cost per Signup.~

You also have free traffic sources, like emailing your own list, traffic exchanges, or safelist mailers.

Now, of course, they aren't really free.  What you are doing with "free" traffic sources is exchanging your time for traffic instead of exchanging money for traffic.

That means that you can still calculate a Cost per Signup.  This time it is in hours of work per signup, not dollars per signup.

For those who are not familiar, a traffic exchange works by you earning credits when you visit other member's websites.  You can then use those credits to have other members visit your website.  You exchange traffic.

Safelist mailers work similarly except it is all done via email.  You earn credits by clicking links in other member's email and use those credits to get your links clicked by other members.

Mailers typically have higher conversions than traffic exchanges, but it takes more work to generate 1 visitor from a mailer.  In this way, it balances out.

The best way to maximize your time and have the lowest cost per signup, is to concentrate on the traffic sources with the highest conversion rates.

You can also find all of my traffic sites under the Marketing Sites section.  Once you link your account from each of my sites, you can control it right from the Your Viral Traffic site without needing to log into each one.  Saves time!

Find the BEST FREE Traffic Sites

Most of all, you just need to start taking action.  Most people join programs and never take the first steps to make them successful.

It isn't joining a program that makes you successful ... it is using it.

Just like having a treadmill in your house doesn't make you healthy ... you need to use it.

Let's build you a nice healthy list by driving as much traffic as possible to your referral link.

Check out the FREE option first!!!

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