The Madness is getting Madder

Published by Mark Gossage — 2-17-2017 at 7:53 AM UTC

The List Building Madness just is not stopping!

The Viral effect is kicking in and there is a List Building FRENZY!

Pure Madness, in a nice kind of way

Another 36 hours have passed and over 700 members have joined the program

The focus now is on adding even more value to the membership

And that is going to be hard as already multiple members have earned their premium upgrade by passing up 5 signups to their referrer. Meaning more list members for YOU!

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Many people have more than 6 people on their list from the Viral action of the program, even though they only referred 1 person themselves.

About 1 in 10 members is paying the low fee to upgrade for 90 days of Premium Membership.  It's only $4 a month!

Dozens of members have earned commissions!

All of this has happened despite the fact that 59.3% of the members have not yet sent a SINGLE visitor to their referral page!

Check It Out Now

Just joining a program is not going to give you success.  YOU HAVE TO WORK IT!

Just like buying a treadmill doesn't make you thin and healthy ... you have to do your part.

Your Viral List is an amazing tool that can finally help you "build your own list" just like everyone tells you to do.

But a tool only works if you put it into action!

Right now, 40% of the members are reaping all the benefits.  You need to get into the 40% now.

Get out there and join the program today and start promoting your referral link.  That is how you build your list! 

A Viral list of your very own

One that you control

Start Building YOUR List Today

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