Its not only working its breaking records

Published by Mark Gossage — 2-14-2017 at 4:07 PM UTC

At the time of writing this it is Valentines day.

So, Happy Valentine's Day!  Remember, you are all special to me!

What an amazing launch day at which is now over 350! members just 19 hours after going live.

Yesterdays launch was fueled by all sorts of traffic, mainly TE and Mailer audiences. Unlike other programs, landing pages and Squeeze pages, the traffic converted well proving that if you get the right offer in front of your audience it will convert.

According to  tracking, there were 274 new signups yesterday from 39,523 visits.

That works out to 1 signup for every 144 visitors! That is phenomenal for Traffic Exchanges and Mailers.

High quality targetted traffic should convert like gangbusters!

Are you getting those kind of conversion rates on the pages you are promoting in the traffic exchanges?

If not, the problem isn't the traffic.  The problem is that what you are promoting is just not that interesting to those you are trying to get the attention of.

I know that the conversion rates we see on launch day are not going to stay that way because people will have seen the offer and the pages will get stale.  That is the indication that it is time to change the pages we are using.  Maybe approach the offer from a different angle.

You have to do the same thing for your other offers and programs. If not learn a lesson and get those Landing/Squeeze pages updated.

In the Traffic Exchange and Mailer world, if the signup page is a month old, it is probably experiencing a significant drop in conversions.

How long has it been since the program you are promoting changed their signup page?

Why don't you come over and join us at Your Viral List, so we can start building your own list with a high conversion rate.  Your traffic is more than welcome ... and we will make it convert for you.

Don't waste your traffic on offers that don't convert.  Come join us and turn that traffic into members on your list!

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So Take ACTION and Succeed...

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