CopyCat Your Way To Riches Its True Read This Important Post

Published by Mark Gossage — 2-7-2017 at 12:13 AM UTC

Have you noticed how so many inventors go broke?

The Jug shaped plastic quick boil kettle failed to get off the ground first time out!

Yet a few years later another company marketed it and 'Crash Bang Wallop' a

Million Dollar Product was born (Copied).

So what has that to do with Internet Marketing?
The answer is;

  • Timing It must be the right time for the product to enter the marketplace.
  • It must have the right 'Spin'. Worded and Graphics right.
  • The prospective customer needs to know that it will benefit their quality of life (Educate Them).
  • And a few othe rthings.

So if you want to create fast products and get them out there in the marketplace at the right time you need to
be ready to create a product at a moments notice. Get in fast when something is moving like 'Hot Cakes' and do
not feel bad if you are, 'Legally CopyCat-ing'

Read up on other peoples products. Purchase a few PLR products and rewrite them. Make them better. Spin them Fast.

Even visit forums in the niche and get ideas, problems answers. See whats the hot topic of the day/week

You get the idea

Don't just steal someones work, website, product, But be inspired by it!

No need to reinvent the wheel

Simply Copy What Works.

If you want faster, easier income,
I urge you to simply COPY WHAT WORKS.

If you need a helping hand or a few ideas check out my BLOG

You can thank me later.

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