The Seventh Day

Published by Mark Gossage — 2-5-2017 at 6:59 AM UTC

I have entitled this Blog Post 'The Seventh Day'.
It was meant to be a day of rest. A day when people put down their tools.

Well this is still true to a point and that is why many people dread Mondays.
Especially Monday mornings. First day back to work:-(

So why am I bringing this up now? Well at the time of writing this it is a Sunday.
In fact it is 6:46am according to my computer.

So why am I writing this if I should be resting? Well Sunday should be the busiest
day for you if you are marketing online. Of course you could set things up and
automate Sunday if you wanted. Me, I love working Sundays.

I have found that Sundays' are the best day for Open Rates, Selling Products, Building Your List etc.

People spend a lot more time browsing online. They aren't at work and want to amuse themselves.
Try and put Monday to the back of their minds.

So if you aren't emailing, advertising, promoting your offers on a Sunday
You could very well be missing out.

So email your list two or three times over the day on a Sunday. Give them a little light
entertainment to help take their minds off work, educate them a little more on
what your offers can do for them and then ask them to make a purchase.

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