Make sure to Click on the SEND Button Hit it Hard

Published by Mark Gossage — 1-28-2017 at 12:51 PM UTC

If I can teach you anything in this blog post it’s to MAIL MORE OFTEN.

Make sure that you email your subscribers at least daily and even up to 5 times in a single day or more.


Because every time You send an email you will make money, and that's why you are in this game to make money aren’t you?

“But Mark, won’t you lose all of your subscribers if you mail them so often?”

You could mail once per year and you will still get unsubscribes.

 I havve tried mailing once per day, once per week etc and I have found that the more I mail my subscribers the MORE RESPONSIVE they become, amazing. I will be hitting the SEND button again soon.

Just make sure that you add bucket-loads of value in your emails and make sure that each and every email isn’t simply a sales pitch. Get this right and you will soon be seeing your income (Cash) increasing dramatically and you will also earn a lot more. 

Of course you need to build your list and that is where my FREE report comes in and it's totally FREE no upsells etc.

All you will need to do then is spend a few hours writing a week’s worth of emails, then queue them into your  Autoresponder and then sit back as the 'Big Bucks' roll in. In fact you should do this quite often, then go on vacation.


The proven blueprint, my FREE report.

Get this report, read it and then take action and make sure to get your clicking finger ready

Click here to check it out I promise you won’t regret it.

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