Are you suffering from the so called Shiny Object Syndrome

Published by Mark Gossage — 1-27-2017 at 12:47 AM UTC

Excuse me.

I just came across a blog post where a well known Internet Marketer was having a so called, 'Rant'

He was ranting on about, 'Shiny Object Syndrome'. He claimed that everyone was suffering from it and that something HAD to be done about it!

Now get this

If you want to get on in the Internet Marketing world, you need info. You can spend years researching free information and then spend even more years testing and tweaking and then just before you retire, you may make it.


Purchase a few shiny objects and research at a quicker pace. Do not only research the pdf or the video. Research the emails, the sales page, the download page, research everything. You may well get more out of the sales literature than the product itself!

But be warned...

If you keep on buying and buying and buying and buying and
you do not promote, sell, build lists and
become a seller


Sorry, but it is true

If you do not sell or share or promote, you are doomed

Are you a buyer?


Are you a seller?

If you need quality info. Videos, pdf reports etc you can get it for
FREE and all in one place.

So what are you waiting for

Visit my Blog and become a

Real Seller today

Hang out with the SELLERS

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