Staying Ahead Of The Curve In A Busy World

Published by Mark Gossage — 12-24-2016 at 3:05 PM UTC

The internet is changing at an alarming rate. It was only a few years ago when mainstream computers connected to the internet allowing good old 'Joe Public' to connect to the internet via a modem.

Now we are lighting the planet up with ever increasing speeds, that allow us to upload, download and view images and Videos in HD Quality!

If you are one of the people that realist that the Internet could well be the last chance for a 'One Man Business' to invest $0.00 or maybe a few dollars more and turn it into thousands, maybe millions of dollars, you will realise the importance of being ahead of the curve.

You must continually be wrestling with the latest gizmos' apps and everything else that the internet throws at you. 

Running a one man business? You will need many things. Something to promote, A landing page maybe, even a blog. Then you will want traffic, ravenously hungry traffic. Then everything must knit together and convert, otherwise back to the planning stages.

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