Endless Stream of Bitcoin – Get Paid Instantly

Published by Steve Hanzlik — 2-10-2019 at 2:20 AM UTC

This new program has a fantastic payplan.

The last time this payplan was used it brought in over 300K members and now it is automated!

=> Team Spillovers!
=> This Payplan is POWERFUL You Earn Very Fast!
=> Get Paid Automatically To Your Bitcoin Wallet!
=> Only $2.50 to get started!

We are sending spillovers down to our team.


Tier 1 You Send $2.50 You Get 4 Payments Of $2.50 Payout $10
Tier 2 You Send $5 You Get 16 Payments Of $5 Payout $80
Tier 3 You Send $10 You Get 64 Payments Of $10 Payout $640
Tier 4 You Send $20 You Get 256 Payments Of $20 Payout $5,120

Total Earnings $5,850 in Relatively Short Time!

=> Stage 2 Earns You $200 To $128,000 If You Opt To Upgrade!
100% Matching Bonuses Paid as You Go (NO waiting), in Stage 2.

Fully Automatic Withdrawals! Get pa1d instantly to your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin, Electroneum, Waves, and Litecoin ACCEPTED! AUTOMATICALLY PAID!

You can get started for as little as $2.50 however I suggest the following strategy.

EXTRAORDINARY FAST TRACK STRATEGY: Deposit enough funds initially ($40), and upgrade to all 4 tiers of Stage I .
This will put you in a position to not miss out on payments and, to receive faster, bigger payouts.

Have troubles referring? Receive our team spillover and/or PIF 4 people which would only cost you $10.

Do I need to say anything more?



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