Self Esteems Number 1 Dirty little Secret.

Published by Samuel Butler — 1-3-2017 at 1:45 AM UTC


Dear Friend,

I've been researching the Self Help and Internet Marketing Niche for some time. One thing I have noticed is that a critical step has been overlooked up until now and I see that without the comprehension of this critical feature, it is as though we were digging for gold without a spade.

 Are you ready for the spade? I know that according to my email stats that at least 16% of you opened this email and maybe 10% of you are still reading. Maybe like me you've envied those out there who can sell ice to an Eskimo. They just seem to have the knack for it. I'm not gifted like that but what I do have is a desire to prove people wrong.One statement comes to mind and I've forgiven the person from whom it came however it serves as a force to motivate me to succeed. The statement "you couldn't sell mud to a pig" serves this purpose.

Well you get the point. But lets get back to the spade - the product of all your effort and the future of all your victory.

Here it is - Your success is in your perception of yourself or more succinctly your life metaphor. This is the picture or phrase you give yourself that defines who you are. As Anna Esnine would state "we don't see things as they are, we see things as we are".

LISTEN! I don't know you from a bar of soap, but I'm going to wear my heart on my sleeve and tell it like it is.


Because no product or offer both physical or metaphysical (spiritual) will help you unless your life is founded on a positive metaphor that can take you forward. In other words, it is impossible to act consistently in a way which is inconsistent with the way you see yourself. My spade theme serves a valuable purpose here as the philosopher Plutarch will support with the assertion that

"The richest soil, if uncultivated will produce the rankest weeds". Without the spade (your life metaphor) to cultivate or better said motivate you to organize your life, though the best intentions abound, Plutarchs analogy will ultimately unfold because you come to life without and errand and therefore no advantage results. This is the case with everyone suicidal and depressed that I have come across in my now 35 years of existence. Each persons circumstances were different but all except for one had the common trait of having no life metaphor. The one that did was the exception that proves the rule. His/Hers was the belief statement that "When life gives you lemonade, you say screw the lemons and run". A negative belief like this also incurs the same result as a life with no metaphor. This phrase (in my opinion) is one born from hurt and abuse in which the person who bares it cannot accept any good as it suspects evil behind any good offered and so the self fulfilling prophecy kicks in and the individual will produce the results to support the belief they hold. And for the record, the person who shared this metaphor with me did actually also disclose to me that they were also abused by a violent partner earlier in life. Point proved.

Moving on  now from the use of a life metaphor in its diabolical form, let me give you a well known example from Forrest Gump. "Lifes like a box of chocolates. You never know what your going to get". or "Life's like a ten speed bicycle, with gears we don't even use". These are an example of some common ones - in particular the life metaphor from the Forrest Gump movie. Would you like to hear mine?

Life is both a pink diamond and a wagon wheel. I'm serious, I actually think that. Pink diamonds are of the most valuable in the diamond range and a cart minus a wagon wheel (think of those ones from the western movies) cant function.

"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he" Prov 23:7.

"I think, therefore I am" William Shakespeare.

At this point in this post, my conservative guess is that there is about 5% of you left reading who initially looked at this post. That still equates to thousands with thousands more to follow. I promised you in the title that I would empower you, a promise you can take to the bank.


 I'm glad you asked. Here is a key to sales both online and in person that pop psychologists would charge you hundreds or thousands (if your into Anthony Robins) of dollars a year.

Sales tip No 1 - Once you know someones life metaphor and passion (what they have a natural aptitude for), you can tailor your online/business venture to support their vision. An example of this was when I was talking with a colleague who displayed all the signs of a disgruntled employee. He had all the three symptoms of alienation, de-motivation and resentment but the major contributing factor for all these symptoms was his inability to move forwards. He didn't have the money to start a business and as a result felt helpless. Throughout our conversation, I uncovered a deep interest he had in marvel comics and superheros in general. It was here that with some prompting from myself, he came up with the idea of beginning a comics forum online which people could send in their short stories to in order to attract support for the new superhero they created. From here, I offered him a free e-book on how to create an e-book which also had my personal link to the opportunity I was promoting. The point here is not my self interest, although that was served,but helping him find his passion. As Jean La Fontaine states

"Man is made so that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish".

Steve Jobs also remarked "Follow your passion, and the universe will open doors where only walls now exist".

When someone finds their passion in life,they change their emotional trajectory to an upward state so that even negative circumstances become merely speed bumps instead of oceans that appear un-breachable. Fear instead of being crippling becomes false evidence appearing real to them and the level of depression required to initiate suicidal idealisation cannot exist because the person has a vision for their life. This is why my father at the age of 93 with 10 % of his heart left due to inoperable calcification is still living. He lives on the farm cared for by my brother and sister in law and lives for his mechanical interests which fill that sense of vision in his life. His younger brother at the age of 81 having made millions in cotton farming suicided. Why this or any suicide occurs we cannot relate to any single cause however one contributing factor may have been his retirement from the farm and farm lifestyle he loved so much to the foreign suburban living that he felt relegated to. We all have a source from whence we derive our sense of legitimacy which for him was his competence in being a cotton farmer. Once he now longer had this, he no longer had relevance and the result was depression followed by suicide.

To avoid digressing from my original topic here to the function of legitimacy and it's purpose in our lives, I will pass it over here but on the larger issues concerned with it, there is a great deal to learn and at the conclusion of this post I recommend a teaching series for your consideration.

Sales tip No 2 - In dealing with prospects, once you know their life metaphor, you can also more easily assess if they are worth your time. Someone who sees life as a battle (one of my relatives and a previous boss for example), would tend to be more suspicious and sceptical of anything you offer. It doesn't mean your product or service is necessarily bad, it's just that due to the fact that they see life as a battle, they are concerned with winning. So when you share an offer, they will tend to critique it from a position of superiority. I'm not saying don't try to sell to someone with this personality trait - everyone should try the impossible once or twice in their lifetime, but what I'm saying to you is that you will work for your money.

Ok, I better cut to the chase right now as no doubt I may have lost another 2% of you out there due to indifference or other attractions. For those of you still hanging in there, I want you to entertain an undercurrent of self congratulation due to the fact that your attention span has lasted longer then the average persons 30-45 second time span. Go on....Pat yourself on the back. I can teach you free of charge how to do this later on :).

From here, I have one more truth I need to instill in you, then you will be ready for the teachings that have caused me so much success and breakthrough since I implemented them in my life at the beginning of 2014. First, a quote from motivational speaker Paul Hanna,

" Once a seed is planted, it never dies, it only grows". Just like the seed in dream works animated film Puss in Boots, the intention of this ebook is to see something sprout in your heart (not a desert somewhere) that takes you to a reality where the real golden eggs are.

The Final concept I will share relates to the role your personal life metaphor plays in your life whether you realize it or not. By this I mean that your attitude and demeanour are a surface manifestation or signpost reflection of your internalised life metaphor. Although we have our peaks and troughs or high and low tides as far a emotions are concerned, we eventually return to the same level - the one we have set for ourselves. C.S Lewis called it the law of undulation and Rob Dofelli calls it regression to mean but regardless of the term you label it, It is a level to which you repeatedly return or better put your default state of being. This concept empowers you, brings the ball back to your court. You begin to see that it's not what happens to you that affects your behaviour, but how you interpret what happens to you that affects your behaviour. And thus in addition to moral input during adolescent years, your life metaphor will be the lens through which your outlook or world view refracts.

It is here I conclude this post. Some of you have fallen off the radar but some remain which based on my promotional efforts would range in the thousands anyway.

From here, there are 3 options that you can and all of you will pursue.

OPTION 1 - Do Nothing. This is the poorest of the options but by far the easiest. You are not however absolved from the responsibility to impart what I have shared to your fellow man in need of it. If you saw someone drowning or having just been involved in a car accident, your natural tendency would be to help and help you must when you are blessed with the capacity to do so. As C.S Lewis states "The longer we feel without acting, the less we will be able to act and in the long run, the less we will be able to feel". Reinhardt Bonnke, also confirms this by stating, "most of us are so scared about doing something wrong, that we don't do anything at all". My cherry quote to top this cake being "Procrastination is the graveyard in which opportunity is buried". 

OPTION 2 - Sow a love gift into your local church. Failing that, you favourite benevolent organisation. Failing that, help some homeless vagabond who has no way of ever repaying you. This will be important for reasons I will discuss later.


OPTION 3 - Since you've come this far, you've no doubt enjoyed my message. I welcome your support by joining my affiliate offer.

Once you know your passion, The tools and strategies in here will help you exponentially reach your goals.

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