Fighting and peeling it off

Published by Renee Sullivan — 7-4-2017 at 8:30 PM UTC

September 26, 2008 was the day I was forced to buy clothes in a size that I could not even imagine ever being in. A woman's size 10 is considered obese for me (standing at 4'8").

I looked in the mirror and did not even recognize who that obese person was looking back at me. I hated everything about myself. I was taking medication for anxiety and depression. My health (body and mind) was deteriorating and I was going down a very dark path.

This was the beginning of several layers of transformation in my life.

By June 2009, I had lost 30 pounds of fat off my body, still standing at 4'8" and at a healthy size 2 (not skinny: just a lot more healthy in mind and body). I have kept that weight off to this day.

There was a lot of hard work I had to go through to turn that part of my life around in a natural (no drugs) way ...

That part of my life most of my online friends don't even know about. But my family and friends that have known me for a very long time know what I went through to never have to face those health challenges again.

And now I move forward with more layers I still have to peel through to get where I need to be.

Some people quit when the going gets tough. That was a defining moment in my life. If I had quit at that first phase, I would not be alive today.

Think about that when things start to get to the point that your back is against the wall ... you're a decision away from the end or a new beginning.

Anyway, I guess the point of this post is to encourage someone.  Also, if you are interested in getting some free audios that have absolutely changed my life and kept me in the game, then GO HERE:

With Love,

Renee :)

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