Why Your Online Business Needs a Marketing System

Published by Renee Sullivan — 6-8-2017 at 8:11 PM UTC

If you are in business, there are three essential things you need to keep it going:

  • YOUR BUSINESS (obvious, right?)

Each of these all go together, however, the focus of this post is the MARKETING SYSTEM ... why you need it and where to begin to get one.

If effective, your marketing system is what ties every aspect of your marketing together - from collecting leads to following up with them, to building that KNOW LIKE TRUST factor that leads to sales and recurring customers in your business and/or business partners and teammates.

Unfortunately, many new or struggling marketers fail to understand the need for a marketing system in order for his/her business to be successful. There is no doubt that if you have no way of collecting leads for your business and following up with them, your business will not survive.

There are 2 main components of a MARKETING SYSTEM:

  • LEAD CAPTURE PAGE (sales funnel)
  • AUTORESPONDER ( email series)

So let’s start with a lead capture page…also called landing page, squeeze page, optin page, and several other things depending on who you’re talking to. The purpose of a lead capture page is to peak someone’s interest about what your offer is by having a place to put in their email which is the most important thing…and sometimes a name. Some lead capture pages have videos of someone explaining what the page is about with a call to action…those are very good too. Depending on the nature of your biz, you might task for a phone number…but I tend to stick with lead capture pages that have an email only and maybe a place for the name…because many people don’t like giving out their phone number for legitimate reasons.

So what does a lead capture page say??? It’s going to target other marketers in some way…for example…one of mine says …"Busy Mom Discovers Simple System that is Delivering Instant Cash While Living Her Life ” This peaks the interest of not only busy moms, but busy dads, busy grandparents, busy professionals …anyone who is busy that wants to earn online and wants to know how to do it simply. Here's another example, “Discover how this Former Teacher fixed her health and finances using this simple online system"…you get the idea…

Why do you want their email? Because when you are an online marketer…what you really are doing is collecting emails of people that may potentially buy from you and/or join you in business at some point and so you can follow up with them. No matter what offers you are promoting…your real business is LIST BUILDING and LEAD GENERATION (I will talk about that in further detail in another post) but it’s very important in automating your business and for your marketing system in general. I am going to repeat what I just said because it's THAT important… Online marketers’ business is NOT the offer they have, it is LIST BUILDING AND LEAD GENERATION…

So here’s what happens when someone puts in their email…It’s called “opting in”… the person is taken to a video or presentation where an explanation of the offer with instructions on what the person watching is supposed to do after listening and watching…that’s a call to action. If it’s compelling and effective…the person can sign up right there in that presentation. The truth is…the person usually needs to see the presentation several times before they actually do take action….that is what leads me to the next thing I need to talk about… THE AUTORESPONDER.

An autoresponder is a system that automatically sends a series of emails spread out every few days or so to those people that opt-in…so that they repeatedly get info on your business, see the value in wanting your offer, etc. This is called a sales funnel. If your system and sales funnel is effective, then OVER TIME…the person will buy and/or join. The more personalized these emails are, the more likely the person will buy/join you…we will definitely get into more about this in another post.

There is a bit of a learning curve in knowing how to effectively use a lead capture page/autoresponder/sales funnel … however, in the system I use…there’s excellent training in the system itself AND even better…we have strong leadership that has video trainings, strategy groups, webinars, hangouts, etc. that teach the masses how to plug into the system…and each person that comes in, learns at their own pace…and earns while doing it if they follow what they are taught.

If someone gets stuck in trying to plug into the system…one of the thousands in the group will help…this is called duplication…and once you have that in your business…that’s when the money comes in.

You can create graphics to go with the lead capture page, or as I mentioned…have a video of yourself in the lead capture page with this main goal in mind: you want the contact information of that person…because if you automate your business effectively…these people will be your customers/business partners.

Understand that the online marketplace is constantly changing. You do not need to have perfect information. If you are collecting the information discussed in this post, you will have what you need to make better marketing decisions. All you need is to get sufficient information to stay ahead of your competitors and keep updated in the ever-changing world of internet marketing.

To see (in action) the effective marketing system I use from the lead capture page to the sales funnel and autoresponder email series, then CLICK HERE: https://keepingitsupersimple.com/livelife2/


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