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My name is Marc Ley; I was born in 1957 in Luxembourg in the beautiful valley of the River Moselle. I am married and have two stepdaughters and two sons.

The culture of wine-growing and the “joie de vivre” of the “Miseler Leit” (people from the valley of the river Moselle) must have had a large influence on me since my birth, as already as teenager I was deeply interested in wine and loved wine tasting in the company of good colleagues and wine connoisseurs.

And what else matches better with wine as a good meal. So you certainly already guess one of my passions.
I am a great fanatic of Italian food and wine; I love to prepare a juicy “Risotto al porcini” or a delicate “Vitello Tonato”, accompanied by a good glass of red wine from the Piedmont or Tuscany … … a.s.o.

My professional career started in 1979 when I entered the family business after High School. Unfortunately, a dispute over inheritance forced me to give up my plans in 1992 and to choose a new direction.
So I entered the world of security services of the Group Securitas as a Customer Manager to end as a General Security and Facility Manager of ArcelorMittal in 2014.

Yes, I had just 57 years in 2014 and normally should retire only in 5 years, but due to the hard economic situation in the steel industry, Mr Mittal decided to send all people reaching 57 years’ in early retirement.

Too young for retirement… yes, effectively, but due to some special clause in the early retirement conditions, I am not allowed to have an official job until I reach my 60s’ and so I started to find a work at home opportunity.
By surfing around in the internet to explore the possibilities to work from home, it took not long to finally come across online business and more specially the affiliate marketing. Apparently Affiliates were making thousands of dollars a day in selling other people’s products and getting a commission.
But the more I read about affiliate marketing, the more it was confusing. I didn’t have any mentors and I became more and more overwhelmed.
In turning around from one to another opportunity, I spent and lost a lot of money, without any real results or success.

I was ready to quit, when in April 2016 I get in contact with Matthew Graves, an expert in online business. Matthew offered to me to be my mentor and to help me to succeed in online business.

This was the moment, where I decided to set up my personal website and blog in order to offer my help to newbies that are just getting started, but also to advanced marketers in affiliate marketing. This to give them the same chance as I had.

Yours In Success
Marc Ley

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