97% of people coming online to make money...FAIL!

Published by Richard Daigle — 9-8-2018 at 6:18 AM UTC

It's a bitter pill to swallow;

97% of people coming online to make money...FAIL!

That is a very sad statistic but it's true.

Most who come online are like sheep being led to the

slaughter.  Most follow the crowd, buying into the

hype of emails from owners and members that only

want one thing....Your Money!

Most of these programs call themselves List Builders

but the only list you build are theirs and NOT yours!

Advertising sites are important and useful but they

are more designed to help their owners build a list

with the help of those who promote them for small


You will probably never hear a program owner telling

you this but if you truly have a desire to make money

it is imperative that you build your own list.  That is

the one true way to succeed online.  Use Ad sites for

this one purpose and you will not go astray.

The best way to build your own list is to have your

own capture pages which collect your leads and an

auto-responder to follow-up with your leads on a

consistent basis.

This used to be a complicated and expensive endeavor

but now thanks to this system you can easily and simply

be building your own list and making recurring income in

a matter of minutes.

I strongly encourage you start today.  If you don't stand up

for something real and true, you will fall for anything.


God Bless the Internet Marketer.

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