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Paul Leroy Yeager
234 pounds
Professional Wrestler – Since 2001
Online Marketer – Since 2008
(Successful – Since 2011)

I am an online marketer and independent professional wrestler
(strange combination I know, lol). I have never been married or
had any children. I started pro-wrestling in 2001 and ventured
into the world of online marketing in 2008 and....

FELL FLAT ONE MY FACE!!! I failed to generate an income online until
2011. It took me 3 years to start doing the RIGHT things and do them

In 2008 I wasn't serious enough I think because I had a job...
in 2009 i was unemployed looking for work...failing online
and failing to find a new job...
2011 i started to find success and a few months later Unemployment
Compensation ran dry....
But my online income was still growing but not quite enough to live
on... until about December of that year.

I continued to find success in a few different things...THEN services
and sites started to lists gone.... commissions decreasing...

I had a lot of ups and downs...Mostly stemming from joining CRAP "PROGRAMS"
that never really offered a lot of VALUE...just a way to make money and maybe some
crappy downloadable ebooks and/or web based services that were complete junk!

To summarize....My first month of success online created $114.00 commission
my best ever result was a little over $17,000+ in 1 month a few years later....
problem was it was ONLY for 1 month, lol

But that experience showed me whats possible and that if you are willing to
do the things needed...the possibilities really are limitless.

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