My Best Tools - Summary #2

Published by Martin Bigler — 4-15-2018 at 4:23 PM UTC

Maybe you missed one or two of my recommended programs I have put to your focus recently.

Today, I made Summary #2 of these recent mails and tools so you have a complete road map to follow.

Here they are..

List Building is a MUST to get results! With Adchiever
you get HUGE rewards just for earning more and more
advertising. You can win ree Upgrades, Login Page Ads,
Premium Banner Ads and Mailing Credits! The more you
use Adchiever the greater the rewards get,  and they get
REALLY BIG... Plus, you will get 300 free mailing credits
just for joining... this is some great free advertising that
just can't be missed!

Referral Frenzy

This is the one tool in my marketing arsenal that I use
first EVERY DAY.  Imagine being able to mail to over
100 Mailers in just one shot. I know, truly incredible!
Further, at RF you are able to assign credits to your
favorite Traffic Exchanges, Banners, and Text Ads
- again, all from one site! Just some clicks and you
are done... Upgrade to Pro and purchase the Super
Tools or you can wait till after you have earned some
of the generous commission.

Referral Builder

Referral Builder Elite is a Partner Program of Referral
Frenzy which lets you generate a stream of commissions
within a very short time. Take a great look and quit losing
commissions! With Referral Builder Elite  now you can fill
your Downline builder IDs in just one place for over 500
sites. You only need to join Referral Builder Elite for free
and this part of your marketing becomes so simple!
Plus RBE gives you a powerful way to get referrals even
if you cannot refer yourselves!

Affiliate Funnel

Another great learning and earning tool. Inside Affiliate
Funnel you get a step-by-step tutorial and guide to build
your online success. You can add Your OWN products
and build YOUR list right from the beginning. Get the
benefits of a downline builder that promotes YOUR
programs. Check them out and get your business up
front not the program owners.

Weekly ICO

WeeklyICO is an International Advertising website
where EVERY member may advertise and Earn starting
with Zero out of Pocket Costs! They even give You $50
in Advertising on Signup.. at NO COST!! You earn WIC
(Weekly ICO Coins) and $ by visiting websites, reading
emails, referring new members on banners, clicking on
ads on Signup and on Login every Day! Join Today and
start earning your Passive income. There is nothing you
have to buy, nothing you have to sell!

Build Your Matrix

Build Your Matrix. is a great tool for building your business
to the next level with the integrated Downline Builders.
That means, finally a downline builder for TRUSTED matrix
programs, with push-button-simple list building built in!
Build your downlines in multiple top matrix programs
that have a history of paying reliably. Also build your list
with the opt-in pages and pre-loaded email campaigns.
Check it out NOW!

30 Min List Builder

This Gets Me 40 - 100 Free Leads Daily.. 100% Hands
Free! The old way of building a list is DEAD! Get your
free account at this BRAND NEW list building resource...
This new system utilizes new viral technology which
BUILDS your list FOR YOU! This is the EASIEST thing
ever to start adding fresh hot leads (40-100) per day.
Take the first step... ~~>> Get signed up (free) right now.

Viral List Builder

...a program that BUILDS YOUR LIST in YOUR AUTO-
RESPONDER! Your Viral List is directly integrated with
the most popular  auto-responder programs so that
when someone joins the program  from your referral
link, they get added to YOUR LIST! Even better, Your
Viral List has a viral structure that multiplies  your list
automatically. Every person who you refer to the
program who wants to build their list, will either pay
you  cash or earn their upgrade by giving you 5 referrals
to add to your list. Go watch the video now - then Join!

Traffic Hog Advertising

This Is Bringing It ALL - It's Marty Petrizza's newest site
that is bringing together the best OLD ideas and some
GREAT NEW IDEAS. Years of experience stand behind
this site and their track record speaks for itself. Use
promo code "myreward" and receive 1000 credits,
banners and text views. Join up NOW!

#1 Goldmine

You'll want these HUGE Ad Submitters... Super Traffic!
It has gained so many members - so fast - for a  reason!
Be one of them too! Get DIRECT exposure to 338,000+
people with the "COLOSSAL" Blaster. Get an astounding
reach making your site available to 4 million people on the
"POPPIN" Blaster. Get on this outstanding, lucrative 2 tier
program. Both tiers earn the same (NOT less on the 2nd
one). PLUS one person can earn for you multiple times,
or forever! You can use submitters for free, and get an
INSTANT text ad to all immediately (no credits on this
site & it shows FOREVER). Ride the thunder, feel the
power of these huge submitters.


Residual Income - A Mega unique Banner Widget program.
577cash  is a #1 of a kind advertising site and a lucrative
cash opportunity. Inside you find the Mega unique banner
widget program that shows your banner ads 10 levels down
and has a lucrative affiliate program paying to 60% commission!
A 100% custom programmed site that is not sold elsewhere
and so you can ONLY get it HERE! The OWNER, Maryanne
MEMBER BANNERS.... This uses Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum,
PPal, and SolidTrustpay! Start your account right here NOW!

Daily Mail Blaster

Mail Up To 750 Proven Buyers Every Day. You can blast out
your email ad to either 250 or 750 proven buyers every single
day and the only cost is a one off small membership fee and
having to click between 5 and 15 links per day. Yes, its a lot
less clicking than any other mailers out  there and also you
are not sending to freebie seekers. You are only sending to
real proven buyers! Everyone has made a small $7 membership
payment and has the ability and willingness to pay for things
online. Get started for a just $7 one time lifetime payment

Please take a moment to check out these tools and
chose those which you prefer to drive your online
business to the next level.

I'm ready to assist you best, just mail me back if you
have any questions.

Thanks for reading and best success.

Martin Bigler

Martin Bigler


In case you missed Summary #1 - Click HERE to get all
these links too.

Please save this mail so you have still access to these  tools
later again. I made an Excel List for my favored programs
to keep track with all the passwords and links. 


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