$2,000 for bottles of air?

Published by Martin Bigler — 11-19-2017 at 1:06 PM UTC

What does Mt. Everest have to do with making and online success?

In a word... everything.

Michael Force has been helping people replacing their full time incomes online for years now.

And most “new guys” (and gals) expect to turn their computer on, click a couple of links, and then sit back as the new income comes pouring in.

In relation to Mountain Climbing, people think they can simply run to the top of the mountain. In terms of Everest, this is absurd.

To reach the Apex of the biggest mountain in the world takes dedication, preparation, and very skilled guides.

You have to hike to Basecamp #1 and wait for you body to get used to the thin air.

Then you climb to Basecamp #2 and do the same thing.

Then Basecamp #3.

In fact, you spend nearly 3 weeks waiting before you even actually start your hike to the top!

If you want to make a living online, you MUST have that same perspective if you want to achieve success.

First you learn the fundamentals.

Then you take some small action to apply your knowledge.

You learn more advanced techniques.

Then you apply those as well.

Each step of the way, you tackle bigger and bigger mountains until you’ve reached the peak of lifetime freedom.

I’ve discovered that one of the biggest components that people overlook is hiring a skilled coach to guide them.

Even the most experienced climbers in the world who have gone up

Everest multiple times still hire skilled sherpas to guide them up the mountain.

If you want to find success online you need a coach too.

And I want to make it very easy for you.

I will give you MINE.

Yep. You read that right…

I want you to use the very same coach who helped me to create and build my online business to success this year.

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To your best success,

Martin Bigler (Team Massive Success)


In case you skipped to the bottom, the moral of today’s message is you have to work your way up to success. And the best way do that is with an experienced coach who has done it already.

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