The cost of inaction…

Published by Martin Bigler — 11-7-2017 at 10:32 AM UTC

I was looking through my list of new members and I didn’t see your name on there.

Honestly, I’m a wondering what's holding you back.

Michael Force, founder of Digital Altitude, spent 15 months of his life and over $1 million dollars from his savings to build a system that definitively will change your life.

But it won’t work if you don’t use it.

I’ve already shared several stories with you of regular folks just like you who have already dramatically changed their situation in life.

So you can just keep doing what you’re doing right now.

Chances are you’re surviving.

You have a decent job that covers your bills and enough for maybe a little extra.

But ask yourself: is this the life you really want?

Ten years from now you’ll still have to get up early, drive to the office and put in 9+ hours a day.

Ten years from now you’ll still be working the hours that someone else tells you that you have to work.

And ten years from now you’ll still be doing the work that someone else tells you to do.

You will still be getting paid far less than what you’re really worth.

You will still struggle to put enough money into your retirement account to make a difference.

You’ll still see new cars or gadgets that you’d love to have… but just can’t quite swing the payments.

Worse still… you’ll still have to “ask permission” to take a two week vacation.

And chances are you’ll go someplace not too far away because you won’t be able to afford two weeks at the place you’d really like to go to.

Is that the life you really want for yourself?

Listen, you know that those ten years are going to go by in a blink.

Do you want to get there and remember these days as you quietly say “I wish I would have…?”

Our members are creating incredible lives.

Lives filled with joy, happiness and fun.

Better yet, they’re creating that life in a way that allows them to work wherever they go.

Want to go to Hawaii?

Now you can stay for 3 months instead of just 7 days.

All you do is open your computer for a few hours in the morning and the rest of the day is all yours.

This isn’t hype.

This isn’t speculation.

This is the REALITY that many of our members are currently experiencing.

The pain of not taking action is far worse than giving something a chance.

And right now, I’m taking all of the risk away:

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Stop waiting for “some day” and get started towards “right now!”

Click the link above and JOIN US.

You’ll look back on this day as one of those pivotal moments that changed everything for you and your family.

See you at the top,

Martin Bigler

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