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Published by Martin Bigler — 12-8-2018 at 12:48 PM UTC

Some of the very best and most responsive traffic you can get is referral traffic.

Think about it for a second…

You know all those ads you place?

Yeah, your prospects are blind to them. The are conditioned to ignore anything that looks like advertising. That’s why the conversion rates are so low and the traffic is so unresponsive.

Why should people listen to you, a virtual stranger?

People who don’t know you don’t trust you. They’re not going to rush to buy your product or join your

list no matter how slick your sales copy is. The only way they’d pay any attention to you is if a friend recommended your site, products or content.

Makes sense, right? Your prospects have no reason to listen to you, because you’re a stranger. But you can bet they’re going to pay attention when a friend recommends your stuff.

And that’s why word of mouth traffic is some of the best and most profitable traffic you can get, hands down.

Except there’s a big problem…

Most marketers struggle to get their niche buzzing.

They put out great content, but people don’t talk about it. At least not in big numbers. So, any referral

traffic campaign flops. Big time.

The solution?

You need to give your niche a good reason to refer their friends. And one really good reason is to dangle something super-enticing in front of their noses. This might be a free product, a coupon or a contest entry in exchange for their referrals.

Some call it a bribe. Some call it an incentive. We call it the key to getting your niche buzzing about your contests, products, lead pages and content.

Now here’s the second problem…

Until now, it’s been tricky to track and deliver these incentives automatically.

But not anymore.

Now you have the opportunity to get your hands on PerkZilla, which is a web-based app that completely automates this process.

It tracks your referrals. It delivers incentives automatically.

And it makes it easier than ever for you to get referral traffic, grow your list exponentially, and get more sales.


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