Did You See This Powerful Script To Build Your Own Viral List

Published by James McWhorter — 10-21-2018 at 9:27 PM UTC

Hello Marketers, 

Have you ever wished that you could build your own list quickly and easily?

Ever wondered how to make back-end sales from your list with little effort?

Ever hoped you could have an army of affiliates promoting your business?

Well have I got something to show you today!

It's not an ebook that you'll pay for and put aside to read later, and possibly forget about...

It's a powerful, yet very affordable script that can do all the above and more for you, while building your business and increasing your profits!

Imagine being able to offer the following from your own site?

Take a first-hand look here:

=>> http://357cash.com/lasblog

But don't signup at that page, because it's just a demo of what YOUR site visitors will see when they visit your site, once you setup our Viral List Autoresponder script.

As I said earlier, it's very powerful, and it makes list building an absolute breeze!

Imagine having these features at your fingertips:

-> Complete 'back door access' sales letter with eye-catching graphics that you can modify and brand to suit your own domain/business.

-> Top quality bonus products included to "tempt" prospects to become members of your site by opting-in to your list. (Value $715.95)

-> Pro membership to 2 popular marketing programs as a membership bonus. (Value $38)

-> Includes 10,000 Banner Impressions and 10,000 text ad impressions bonuses. (Value $50)

-> Two membership levels with separately categorised bonuses to download for new members, and members that upgrade.

-> Ability to choose how many referrals basic members need to signup before they are automatically upgraded to gold membership.

-> Ability to add more products of your choice to the opt-in page as desired.

-> Ability to earn $20 affiliate commissions through the "Powered By Your Free World" link in the page footer.

-> Ability to add your own content pages as you see fit.

This script is one powerhouse that will have you earning a back-end income from the autoresponder emails you send to you list as it grows dramatically!

Take a look here and try out the admin demo:

=>> http://357cash.com/lasblog

You can see a full list of the features included in this program on that page, and it all adds up to some incredible value...

Script Value $97

Sales letter Value $197

Bonus Product Downloads, Advertising & Pro Membership Bonuses

Value $715.95

That adds up to $1009.95 in total value to be exact!

Your prospects will love you for pointing them in the right direction to download these quality products for free.

But you don't need to pay anywhere near the total value... In fact you can grab this script today for less than the cost of a dinner at a restaurant!

Take the positive step of securing your copy of the viral list autoresponder script package today, and put your business on autopilot. It'll be the best move you've made this year!

Here's the link again:


Warm regards

James McWhorter

PS: If you want to customise this script, you'll be surprised how affordable it is to have it changed to suit your needs... Just ask at the following site:


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