Prosperity Marketing System and Leased Ad Space Now Pay in Bitcoin

Published by Nathan Gurley — 7-12-2018 at 4:34 PM UTC

As a high school teacher, I find the summer to be a great time to regroup and reflect.  With regard to my online endeavors over the past year or so, I have had this fixation with learning about cryptocurrency and how to generate more.   While I love the whole concept, I found it to be quite volitile and risky.  

As far as Internet marketing is concerned, traffic and advertising are considered "evergreen" products as these are things everyone who is promoting a product or service needs all year around, all the time.    You can never get enough traffic and advertising is a good way to get more.     

Yesterday, I upgraded to the Red Diamond Package at Leased Ad Space for a new advertising campaign to promote Prosperity Marketing System 2.0 by Darren Olander.   Last night, I was watching a video by Richard Weberg, one of the owners of Leased Ad Space, and I realized that the Red Diamond Package is the most evergreen advertising package they offer, and I had to have it to promote Prosperity Marketing System properly.   You continue to get banner and text ad impressions for life from a one-time investment.  

Yes, I said investment.  I am investing in advertising for my Internet marketing coaching business so I can attract more students who will learn through the Prosperity Marketing System 2.0.   I first saw this system back in 2009, nine years ago, which is impressive considering most programs have a much shorter life span.  The new streamlined training component and the lucrative new compensation plan brought me back in full force.  I re-engaged in the beginning of July 2018 and brought in 22 tour takers and three new students in two weeks, which is a good start.  

The thing I didn't realize was, both Prosperity Marketing System 2.0 and Leased Ad Space offer the option to get paid in Bitcoin. Now, rather than doing risky trading, programs, or faucets, you can promote evergreen products and earn cryptocurrency if you choose!  

Today, I went to ==> Tools ==> + Create New Address , and made a new Bitcoin address for both Prosperity Marketing System and Leased Ad Space.   These systems will prove to be safe and rewarding ways to earn Bitcoin while learning to build a business online and generating the necessary traffic to do so.  Win-Win!  

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