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Hello world, Nathan Gurley here. I am high school teacher, musician/singer, blogger, and Internet marketer/coach. Leased Ad Space is a refreshing new advertising program that offers and an entry point for any budget. Everyone online who is promoting a product or service needs traffic, so we will be around for many years to come. This platform is a Win-Win for all who participate.

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BRAND NEW! VDB by Alonzo Brown...

Published on 1-5-2019 at 5:07 AM UTC by Nathan Gurley

BRAND NEW! Alonzo Brown has just released

Virtual Downline Builder.

Due to Paypal issues,he is shutting down

VWS and focusing on the top seven programs.

Hope to see ya there!


PS: LAS is in the VDB... (continue reading →)

Virtual Wealth System Features Leased Ad Space (LAS) in Position 4

Published on 12-28-2018 at 6:35 PM UTC by Nathan Gurley is a URL I purchased from GoDaddy to use for Alonzo Brown's Virtual Wealth System.  

I have been a member for a while, but am inspired by the new lineup for 2019.  Leased Ad Space is in t... (continue reading →)

Webtalk is a New Social Network that Pays You!

Published on 9-12-2018 at 10:55 PM UTC by Nathan Gurley

Webtalk is a new social medium platform growing
with 250000 members in two weeks.

The company is willing to give 50% of its
revenue to the 1st 1million people to
register to be their co founder.]

It's on prelaunch and will pay $1 for each
in... (continue reading →)

Manifesto of Recurring Commissions

Published on 8-18-2018 at 10:56 PM UTC by Nathan Gurley

Recently, I began a list building training course at  

In the 5th lesson or so, they encourage you to create your own "lead magnet" to encourage subscribers to get on your list.  With that said, my creation is "The Manifesto of Recurring Commissions".  Today... (continue reading →)

Here We Go Again Using The Conversion Pros for Sales Funnels!

Published on 7-24-2018 at 2:22 AM UTC by Nathan Gurley

The Conversion Pros 

Today has me back at The Conversion Pros working on sales funnels for the first time in a while, but please allow me to take a step... (continue reading →)

Congratulations to Jeff Aman from Frank Salinas!

Published on 7-21-2018 at 7:00 PM UTC by Nathan Gurley

Happy Saturday Colleague!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  

Did you get the memo about Jeff Aman? Congratulations to him for 

being endorsed by Frank Salinas regarding ... (continue reading →)

Weberg Screamed Post, So I'm Posting about Darren O's eBook!

Published on 7-16-2018 at 10:56 PM UTC by Nathan Gurley

When I sat down to work on my computer to implement the traffic generation strategies in Darren Olander's eBook, "Instant Traffic Secret", I came across a youtube video by Richard Weberg and he was pretty fired up!  

On one hand, ... (continue reading →)

My Video Testimonial for Jeff Aman and the Prosperity Marketing System 2.0 by Darren Olander

Published on 7-14-2018 at 8:37 PM UTC by Nathan Gurley

Hello world :)  

Today I made a youtube video testimonial for Jeff Aman to laud his mentorship and training with the New Prosperity Marketing System 2.0 by Darren Olander.   I am super excited with the way this is going! &nb... (continue reading →)

Prosperity Marketing System and Leased Ad Space Now Pay in Bitcoin

Published on 7-12-2018 at 4:34 PM UTC by Nathan Gurley

As a high school teacher, I find the summer to be a great time to regroup and reflect.  With regard to my online endeavors over the past year or so, I have had this fixation with learning about cryptocurrency and how to generate more.   While I love the whole concept, I found it to be q... (continue reading →)