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Published by Mrs Ray — 11-27-2018 at 2:10 PM UTC

Your email list should be your #1 priority because it works at getting website traffic on demand.

Your own email list not only delivers website traffic when ever you want, having a responsive email list is like having your own ATM...  If you need some money, you simply send an email.  Sweet, huh?

The bottom line is, building a customer mailing list is the best way of building an online business... And if you do not want to spend the rest of your life chasing new prospects every day, building your business this way is critically important.

But how do you build a list of subscribers and then how do you send emails to them?

You use an autoresponder.  Get started with your free trial of GetResponse... its a very affordable email service provider and it's pack full of features.

PLUS right now you can get a free, comprehensive email marketing course that covers ** everything ** you need to know to grow your list by up to 10,000 subscribers in as little as 90 days.


Everyone knows the most important thing you can ever do when you start your own online business is to create and build mailing lists.

The subscribers that optin to your lists are prospects, if done right, can be turned into lifetime customers.   When building a list remember that your subscribers are a very valuable asset.

Join the 'email marketing masters' at our forum ... By using the tactics and strategies that you’ll find of at the forum, you will discover how to get optin prospects and convince some of those prospects to spend money with you, becoming your customer. 

The forum will also share methods of how to keep that customer for life!  Its the perfect place for those who are short on time and/or technical skills.  Quick tips and lessons will turn you into an email marketing master guru in no time.

Done correctly, your mailing list is the guarantee that you will always have instant website traffic on demand and money on demand.

Every marketer should be trying to build their list all the time.  Marketing by e-mail is the ultimate in relationship marketing, which is why you should be putting lots of your effort into building a mailing list in the first place.

Your email list brings security to the future of your business.  There is a huge difference between making money online and building your business.  Which one do you want?

When starting your own online business, you can’t forget to build and take care of your mailing list... If you don’t want to be at the mercy of third parties who, of course, have their own commercial interests in mind.

Do you want website traffic on demand?  ENROLL now in your autoresponder/list building course then join the forum and become an email marketing master!  >>> CLICK HERE

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