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Imagine a virtual world where everyone can truly live, work, shop and play with ALL your real life relationships without your networks crossing.  

Imagine typing or saying the word "accountant" and a list of accountants, accounting firms and accounting products that have been rated, recommended and reviewed by people you know and trust appear.  

Then in 1-Click you can hire the accountant or book an appointment or make a purchase. This applies to all industries... engineers, lawyers, plumbers, contractors, etc.  

Webtalk is building something truly world-changing and they need your help to do it.  

Platforms like Webtalk take a long time to generate advertising and subscription revenue without a large user base ... But Webtalk is growing rapidly and is 100% FREE and always will be.  

That's why they are offering all of their Beta testers (YOU) up to 50% of their revenue for LIFE, that will begin paying AFTER they complete Beta testing, for helping them grow their community.
JOIN NOW before the Beta is gone!

Their competitors never offered you anything vs Webtalk who is guaranteeing that they will share their revenue through our free affiliate program forever.  

There truly is no limit to how much you can earn, but there is a limit on the people who can end up in your referral networks. That limit is the entire Internet population minus the users who end up in other people's referral networks.  

Therefore, we recommend you invite everyone you know now before someone does!  
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