Are you programmed for success or failure?

Published by Lars Deshayes — 12-6-2017 at 9:08 PM UTC

This may seem like a funny question...

What are you programmed for?

But the reality is that you've been programmed.

For success, or failure.

For prosperity, or poverty.

And much more...

But the good news is you can change your programming.

I'm constantly working on my own programming...

Unless your life is perfect as it is right now, there are likely
some improvements you can make in your programming too.

Here's a few of the ways I program my life for success  »

Once you truly change your programming, things start getting
better in a hurry. If you've been struggling, and can't figure out
why, go deeper, and start working on the software of your mind.

I think working on my programming is just as important as the
actions I take to grow my business. In fact, if I have faulty
programming, the actions I take will be faulty. So investing time
daily to work on yourself is the best investment you can make. :)


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