Why “getting it right” stunts your financial success

Published by Lars Deshayes — 12-4-2017 at 10:10 PM UTC

Hi Lars Deshayes here,

One of the biggest traps that people fall into when they start figuring out how to make money online is the “information” trap.

From the time we are young children we are taught that we have to “do it right.”

And if we don’t, we get a big red X letting us know we messed up!

Unfortunately, most of us bring this “get it right” attitude into our adult lives and everything we do.

If something is new, we do what we were taught as children:

We study.

Because “if” we have enough information, “then” we can do it right, right?

The challenge is that the game of Internet Marketing is always changing.  

There is always something new to learn or a new app you need or a new social media site you “must” have for your business.

You will never have enough information to do it all right.

And that is the trap you fall into.

You convince yourself that if you “learn just a little bit more”, THEN you can get started so you can “do it right.”

Information isn’t the problem.  

Action and Implementation are the Problem.

You get stuck in always learning more information and never taking any action.

But if you will simply follow these steps, you will get results fast and start building a successful business online.

Why does it work?

First, Online Sales Pro and Plug-In Profit Site together have eliminated all of the technical website stuff that everyone gets stuck on. (Building pages, sales copy, videos, payment processors, email systems, follow ups… and more.)

So you never have to ever do anything technical to get started.  You just log in and go.

Next, they guide you through the exact ACTION to take every week.

No more information overload!

Finally, Online Sales Pro gives you a lot dollar coach to hold your feet to the fire.

(If a coach has not made a million dollars personally online, they can’t coach! Do you think this would help you get a big head start to making money online? You bet!)

So if you find yourself stuck in the “information” stage, re-focus yourself and your goal, and follow this step-by-step plan to the letter.

You will find everything you need to “get it right”... and you will be on the path to creating real and permanent success in this business, and your life as a whole.

See you at the top,

Lars Deshayes


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