How to collect your Online Gold Medal...

Published by Lars Deshayes — 12-2-2017 at 4:41 AM UTC

I was surfing a couple of internet marketing forums the other day, and I had to chuckle.

I was actually going back nearly 5 years to see how the headlines and products have changed.

Very little as it turns out.

Five years ago everyone was searching for that “magical button” to push that would immediately dump thousands of dollars into their bank accounts.

The only difference today is now everyone wants millions of dollars dumped into their bank accounts.

Frankly, this obsessive search for the next killer, can’t-fail-or-your-money-back shiny object is destroying your chance to have any success online.

Can you imagine if Olympic athletes had this mentality?

“Just watch this video and you can be doing double flip twists on the parallel bars by the end of next week!”

“Just follow this step-by-step system and you’ll be able to swim 200M in under 2 minutes… or double your money back!”

Pretty ridiculous, right?

The athletes train day in and day out… for FOUR YEARS!

That’s because they realize that consistency and small, incremental changes are what makes all the difference.

If you want to find success online and finally break free from your job, just model what every champion athlete does:

- Find the right coach.

- Follow a proven system.

- Be consistent.

If you’re tired of grinding it out online… spending hours of your life and every spare cent you have… only to feel like you’re going backwards…

You owe it to yourself to do this...

Everyday, regular folks just like you are creating incredible lives for themselves and you know what?

You can do it too. You've got a team of people (including myself) standing by to help you do it!

See you at the top,

Lars Deshayes

P.S. I'm determined to help you achieve your dreams in this business!

"At this moment, you are one classified ad away from a fortune."

~ Robert Allen

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