This is how I get new signups every day

Published by Lars Deshayes — 12-1-2017 at 11:56 PM UTC

People are always asking me...

"Lars, how do you make so many sales?"

You see, it's pretty normal for me to refer 3 or more
people daily to OSP, LAS and other programs...

You can do this too. It's not that hard. It's discipline.

The answer is pretty simple.

I do lots of little things that add up to produce big results.

One of those is emailing my offer to new people regularly...

This is how I get new signups every day »

The main thing is knowing what you want to achieve... If
you know your goal, you'll figure out how to get there. If your
goal requires making sales online, I'm showing how I do it.

Get to work. Be consistent. Focus like a laser. Be creative.
Infuse passion and purpose into your marketing, and you will
soon have new people joining your team and business daily.


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