Rubberband knees

Published by Lars Deshayes — 11-28-2017 at 8:31 AM UTC

Do you remember when you learned to ride a bike?

Pure terror.

Sweaty hands.

Locked jaw.

And rubberband knees.


You push off...

...and the first 10 feet is iffy.


The handlebars are swaying left and right... windshield wipers.


You dad screams, "Pedal! Pedal! Pedal."


Then you take a deep breath, press into your sneaks, and push into your stroke.


And you break the inertia.


You never look back. Never.


Once you feel the wind in your face. 

Once you see the beauty of your world.

Once you taste the sweetness of freedom.


You'll never go back.

You didn't think you could ever...

...ride a bike or...

...swim across a lake...

...perform on stage...




And if have doubts about...

-growing your leads

-growing your sales

-and growing your cash flow...


...remember YOU CAN DO IT!


You've faced obstacles and overcome them!


And you will do it again!


We can't wait to celebrate your success!

Have a great day!!

Lars Deshayes

P.S. If you want to grow your leads, sales, and cash flow, you must master lead generation. 

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