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Published by Lars Deshayes — 10-23-2017 at 1:22 PM UTC

I know I've been in contact with you “a lot” lately...

But I know what’s worked for me - and the massive effect it's had on my productivity and success.

My mission is to serve first - can you really blame me? It works. :)

Couple of things you should try that really worked for me…

1 - Set aside the smartphone: Your phone is a huge source of distraction and is majorly disrupting your productivity. Every time a notification rings, your train of thought is lost and you've gotta restart.

You can build a multi-million dollar empire without having your smartphone glued to your side.

Don't believe me? Here's proof: Bill Gates and Richard Branson created two of the most successful businesses in history with a prehistoric landline. So there.

2 - Learn the difference between urgent and important: This one is kind of tough at first, but once you nail it, you'll see a huge difference.

Once you're out of the habit of assuming everything "urgent" is important, you'll relieve yourself of huge amounts of stress. You'll be able to focus your energy instead on what's important to help your business grow.

3 - Use the Right Tools to Get the Job Done: Yeah I know, this one seems kind of self-serving since I've been introducing you to Online Sales Pro, doesn't it?

I completely understand. But I know that you've wanted to grow your business for quite awhile. And when you put the right tools to work for you, it's going to relieve a massive amount of your workload.

Start putting these "work smart" methods to work, and I promise you'll love the results.

If you still haven’t joined Online Sales Pro, make sure you do that by clicking here.

Trust me... you'll be kicking yourself if you wait. (Especially, when you see what a critical part this will play in your business).

Talk to you soon,

Lars Deshayes

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