First day driving my NEW CAR!

Published by Lars Deshayes — 7-10-2017 at 8:10 PM UTC

Hey Friend! 

Today was the first day driving my new car to work.

It was extra special for me because I have never owned

a new car before.  The smell of the new leather seats

really make me appreciate the opportunity that allowed

me to purchase this car too!

The more I think about it, the more I realzie that most of

us never really plan for bad things in life to happen and 

we don't make enough to save for bad times either.

if it wasn't for the opportunity I got involved with about

70 days ago, I would be stuck.  I would have lost my job

because I would have had no way to get there, and my 

kids would have been stuck walking to school... which

really isn't safe anymore.

As a friend, I want you to know - to really know - there 

are people in this world that care about you and we want

to see you succeed and live the life you've always dreamed


And there are a group of us that are dedicated to helping that

become reality for you.  We are grateful for what has happened

in our own lives and we want to share that with you, but ONLY

YOU can take the initial step.


Once you click that, take a few minutes and go through it all
step-by-step and watch the videos.  I am confident that you
too will discover why so many of us are making improvements
in our own financial situations.

You can too!  Watch the videos and sign up.  If you have questions,
just contact me at the information below!


Talk soon!

Lars Deshayes


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