The Power lead system

Published by Lars Deshayes — 3-12-2017 at 5:36 AM UTC


The Power Lead System can be very simple and yet a full fledged marketing system for whatever online business you have.
You can even promote your local offline business.
To help you out you have a huge collection of sites to help you. You find some of them at the bottom of this page.

My favorite is the weekly Hangout, if you are brand new it’s crucial to attend these hangouts, but even the more seasoned marketer can find some gems now and then at these hangouts.


Another very important weekly training.

One Hour of Free INTERNET MARKETING TRAINING Training Every Thursday.

If you find all this information overwhelming I have an advise for you or several.

  • You don’t have to understand everything at once.
  • Start in the beginning only with the LEAD LIGHTNING System and put in your business at member entrance.
  • Take small steps, don’t imagine you can setup all at once and your downline will follow immediate.
  • Find out what your are good at. Social media? Blogs? Article writing? Traffic Exchanges? Don’t spread out to thin with your promotion.
  • Talk with your upline and reach out for help.
  • Join our Facebook groups. At least the Official PLS Group Your upline can advise other. This is 24/7 support.

Another very good spot to begin learning is: PLS Tips

More websites for frequent reference:

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