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Published by Michael Mikovich — 4-6-2019 at 11:07 PM UTC


30 Day Success Formula Changes The Way We Do Offline Marketing!

30 Day Success Formula Will Be One Of The Most Exciting Business To Hit The  Marketing World (Both Online and Offline)

I can tell you with past experiences, I Wish This Program would have existed Years Ago… I Would Have been Set for Life.

I know for a Fact Direct Mail Works, Back In The Day before The Internet, I Would see flyers, Business Cards and Postcards. It would usually Ask people to call a toll free number that had a sizzle call and leave a voice mail then they would set up meetings at Hotels for Business Presentations

I knew a Guy in 2001, Who Was the top leader in telecommunications Company who did nothing but mail flyers and postcards and Guide them to a voice mail or a Website

The Company went belly up because of the cell phone Industry, He Ended joining a very famous health And wellness company became top leader in matter of months with Direct Mail

Direct Mail Is Very Effective and Very Powerful but one downfall it is expensive to Do Advertising- With cost of leads, stamps, postcard or letter/enveloped it can be pricey… you would need a good campaign budget of at least $300-$500

Well 30 Day Success Formula Has solved it and will change the way we do offline mareting

30 Day Success Formula Will Front You The Cost Of Advertising and they have a really good response rate 6 to 8 % on the average and that is a very good number and some people even get 10%

Why This is Important— Everyone has a system to Plug into- 100% Duplication

You get 10 People to sign up Under You well you will get 10 People who sign up under you will all get 200 Mail Outs You Will get 2,000 letters (every person they sign up you get an indirect commission)

30 Day Success Formula Has Been one Of The Best Kept Secrets for 4 years but now we are bringing it online and i am with the number one group in 30 day success formula and we have 2 training webinars a week to train in all forms of internet marketing and offline marketing that are producing massive results

I want you to Download This Letter Here 

And Get Ready For Huge Success!

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