5 Dos and Donts For Your Online Business in 2018

Published by Mike J Anthony — 5-25-2018 at 3:11 PM UTC

The following comes from a person who has spent over 25 years in the online e-biz market and has made many millions in this business.

His name is Chris Malta and his well-documented experience may well help you if you would like to make a full-time living online…


1. DON’T: Ask how much money you can make, and how quickly.

DO: Realize that a business, whether online or offline, is not a race to the cash. It’s a slow, steady progression to bigger and better things every day.

I get people asking me all the time how fast they can get to making a certain amount of money per week, month or year. They all have a money goal in mind, and most want it to happen yesterday. They all want to do everything all at once, make a pile of money right now, and then sit back and spend it. It doesn’t work that way, but nobody wants to hear that.

This is not a race. Don’t treat it like one. Virtually all of the people I’ve seen really succeed online take the time to move slowly and methodically toward their goals.

To paraphrase a truly great quote from JFK: “Ask not what your Online Business can do for you. Ask what you can do for your Online Business!”


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