Monetize.Plus Helps New Marketers Convert Sales Online

Published by Mike J Anthony — 5-16-2018 at 7:57 PM UTC

Monetize.Plus (MP), the affiliate marketing arm of Vetted Webinars, a webinar marketing company created by Dan Hollings, is looking for a limited number of people to share in the profits of an already existing and profitable multi-million dollar webinar business strategy.

The following comes from the Monetize.Plus website….

At first glance you might think this is like any other affiliate marketing opportunity…promoting “other people’s stuff” and make money from the sales. But you would be wrong!

What Is Monetize.Plus?

As a member of Monetize.Plus, you are technically paid as an independent commissioned associate, but the payout structure differs radically from the common affiliate program commission scheme.

You are not paid commissions directly off purchases made by referred leads, rather all profits from all leads from all our members are pooled monthly.

You earn a percentage of the pooled profits based on a percentage derived from the number of leads you have active in the lead database.

In the common marketing world, affiliate marketers might get paid ONCE on the occasional lucky sale of a lead they refer – game over. But Monetize.Plus members get paid regardless if their specific lead(s) buy or not on any particular day.

All members work together as a team, and all leads are considered equal. But much like a regular business, some leads become customers today, some tomorrow, some next week and others next month. That’s normal.

As long as some customers are buying regularly, that’s what matters and the Monetize.Plus team approach assures long term probability of success. It’s a much better financial model that benefits you as a member rather than the skewed affiliate model that largely benefits the merchant or owner of the product being sold.

Why Monetize.Plus?

You do not need to worry if the business will succeed; it is already a successful business. You do not need to worry about staffing, technology, products, speakers, capital or any of the usual things that might keep a business owner up at night. Our members are already tapping in to a very successful business with a thriving business model.

Every lead you bring to the table, that survives validation and remains active and engaged, increases your percentage of the revenue pool. As the months go by, you’ll have new leads coming in the front door and dead leads being kicked out the back door. Like every business on the planet.

Month by month, we will tally up active leads attributed to your efforts and equate that to a percentage. This will equal your “take” of the monthly net profits shared by all MP members with active leads. It really does not get any more fair than this.

Unlike affiliate programs that restrict your commissions to only the lucky sales you initially get from a direct referral… This system does not track whether it is YOUR LEAD that buys in any particular month or a lead from another member.

All sales from all leads go into the revenue pool and each member gets their share of net profits based on the percentage of active leads you have in the current month.

Monetize.Plus is building a very big business with its members and it does not matter specifically who laid which brick where… MP just wants to build the biggest, best business they can.

And if one person is responsible for laying 1 BRICK and you have laid 100 BRICKS, then your percentage of the business should be 100 times greater… make sense?

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