How To Make Money With Online Lead Generation

Published by Mike J Anthony — 4-6-2018 at 7:46 PM UTC

How To Make Money With Lead Generation

Learning how to make money with online lead generation is something that can be done in your spare time from home.  Lead generation is simply the process of generating leads, or people interested in specific products or services.  Once you’ve generated the leads, you can then market these products and services to them.  


Many companies will pay a lot of money for someone else to generate these leads for them.  They understand that leads can be very valuable to them and so they are willing to  pay for it.  There are many ways to make money with lead generation because so many companies , in all industries, are looking for leads.


One company, called Monetize.Plus, is a successful webinar marketing company that is paying its members based on the amount of leads they are able to bring into the company’s system.  They then convert these leads to sales, using webinars, and pay their members with profits. 


The company is run by CEO Dan Hollings, who is also an online marketing coach who has helped countless people and companies market their products online. Dan recognized that the main reason why new entrepreneurs fail is because of this lack of being able to convert leads into sales.  So he created a company which  gives away a piece of his webinar business for its members to get paid simply by generating leads.


This is a unique and revolutionary way  for anyone to make money with lead generation without technical know-how or experience.  Members also do not have to bother converting these leads into sales in order to make money as you do with affiliate marketing, for example.


Affiliate marketing is a popular and proven business model but many new people, looking to make money online, fail with this because they do not know how to convert the leads they may have generated into sales.  Monetize.Plus does away with this obstacle by converting the sales themselves and paying its members only for the leads they generated.


The company also teaches its members how to generate leads and also has its own Facebook advertising co-op to help generate leads for you.  The more active leads one is able to generate, the more their monthly paychecks will be. If a member generates a lead that becomes inactive, or does not validate, then it will be dropped from the system and the member does not get paid for that lead.  However, if the member is active in generating new leads continuously, then any inactive leads will be replaced anyway.


The company is currently looking for new partners and apprentices who are looking to make money online through generating leads.  Their goal is to build a bigger audience to market their webinars to and they are paying members to do so.  There is a monthly membership fee, which is reimbursed after Month 5, and an optional monthly fee for the Facebook advertising co-op. 


If you would like to know more on  how to make money with online lead generation, using this business model, visit  

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