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Published by Mike J Anthony — 3-18-2018 at 7:26 PM UTC

If you'd like to learn how to monetize webinars and start making money from webinars where you can get paid $200+ per month in the next 60 days, then read on...

I just received my first payday for this KILLER webinar monetization business model in less than 60 days.   I joined this business back in mid-January and "got to work" putting other people to work - LOL.  I immediately joined a Facebook Ads co-op group when it was offered to me now I have receiving my first paycheck for commissions in the month of February.

All I do is generate leads (people that want to watch very good, interesting webinars that someone else creates) and THAT'S IT!  The company monetizes webinars for me and I get paid! This is my favorite part because...

I do not convert any sales, sell any products, or compete with anyone. I just have other members place Facebook ads to find people interested in watching very cool webinars. (You'll be able to join the "ads" group as well, once you get started. This is optional, but highly recommended, if you like the "lazy" approach like I do).

It does not matter if any of MY leads buy anything. Even if someone else's leads bought something, I still get a piece of that pool. That's why you never compete, but instead, WORK TOGETHER with other members to earn even more money for everyone!  See how powerful this is?  

This company has solved the #1 issue facing all affiliates online: the ability to convert leads into sales. Because you don't convert anything!  All you do is bring in leads, along with other members of the group, and then let the company convert them into sales. 

Every member of the group who has active leads in the system, in any given month, shares in the sales and gets paid!

Some people are naturally going to be better than you at bringing in leads. But rather than you watching someone else make all the money, YOU GET PAID TOO, because of that person's efforts. This is fair because the same thing happens when YOU bring in are a part of the collective and no one is left behind.

CRAZY and brilliantly SIMPLE, right?  You can do this very easily too.

Also, at Month 5, my paychecks to break even are guaranteed.  In other words, starting in the 5th month of being an active member of the group, I will be receiving a paycheck atleast equal to the amount it costs me to be a member each month.  

So, paychecks will only grow and grow larger over the course of time, if you are generating leads, and at that point, I will be getting paid to stay and generate leads...GUARANTEED!

There isn't a better way to make money for those who want to know how to monetize webinars and get paid for webinars reaching the eyes of people interested in seeing them, while not needing any of them to buy anything.

This business is set up in such a way that I have to call this nothing short of a "dream" business model.  A "Dream" business model because this is one: 

* that's already making MILLIONS from DAY 1...

* that's 100% Risk-free and GUARANTEED not to lose money...

* that comes with a "ready made team" to help you run it...

* that makes you feel like a superhero...

To get more info, just opt-in at -- -- and watch the webinar that comes after for all the info.  Give it your undivided attention because its a unique, powerful way to learn how to get paid from webinars.

Once you get started, then you'll be off letting the company monetize webinars for you and earning your own paychecks, making $200 per month and growing, in less than 60 days too, if you take action!

Here is that link again ==>

~Mike J Anthony

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