How to Start Making $200 Per Month in 60 Days

Published by Mike J Anthony — 3-10-2018 at 5:20 PM UTC

If you'd like to learn how to start making $200+ per month in just 60 days, you need to see this.  I just received my first payday for this KILLER business model in less than 60 days after signing up:

Read the rest of this in its entirety.  There is very important info to be shared below...

I joined this business on Jan 15th, 2018 and "got to work" putting other people to work - LOL.  All I did was join a Facebook Ads co-op for this and now I am receiving my first paycheck above.

All I do is generate leads (for people to watch very good, interesting webinars that someone else creates) and that's it.  The company itself actually converts those leads to sales and I get paid a share of the profits for getting some eyeballs in front of some webinars. Yes, the company has training on how to get leads if you do not know how...

We are only a small group of people sharing in the profits of an already successful company that makes millions of dollars. You can join us too... 

I do not convert any sales, sell any products, or compete with anyone. I just have other members place Facebook ads to find people interested in watching very cool webinars. You'll be able to join the ads group as well, once you get started. This is optional, but highly recommended, if you like the "lazy" approach like I do.

Webinars (live videos) are one of the #1 ways to sell high ticket offers....and let me tell you...everytime I watch one of the webinars this company puts out, I want to buy something, so I literally had to stop myself from watching them. 

So they are really, really good - from only the best experts, presenters and hosts! That's exactly why this company already makes MILLIONS of dollars.  They are very, very good at what they do, and I get to partner with them.  

I know that whoever watches their webinars, about various topics catered to them, are going to be buying something eventually...and I get a piece of that depending on how many leads I have in the system.

It does not matter if any of MY leads bought anything. Even if someone else's leads bought something, I still get a piece of that pool. That's why you never compete, but instead, WORK TOGETHER with other members to earn even more money for everyone!  See how powerful this is?  This bears repeating:

It does NOT matter if any of MY leads, or YOURS, bought anything. Even if someone else's leads bought something, WE still get PAID  (I'm getting goosebumps writing this - hehe)

Let me give you an example: Lets say I generated a few leads, and you generated a few leads. The leads we both generated did NOT buy anything.  Some other member, who we don't even know, generated a lead who actually bought something, which turns into a profit for the company.  The company in turn divides this profit up among ALL the members according to how many leads they already have activated in the system for the previous 30 days.  

So You and I STILL GET PAID even though neither of our leads bought anything!  This is also a good example of how we are forced to work as a team rather than compete with one another. We are collectively, as a whole, bringing more money into the pool so that we ALL get paid more!

Some people are naturally going to be better than you at bringing in leads. But rather than you watching someone else make all the money, YOU GET PAID TOO, because of that person's efforts. This is fair because the same thing happens when YOU bring in one is left behind.

Isn't that CRAZY?  It's also brilliantly SIMPLE, right?  You can do this very easily too.  

Basically, we are not working for just ourselves, but for the entire group, to make more money each month.  That's why there are relatively few of us.  When you help others make money, you are helping yourself at the same time.  What better business model to be in than one that forces you to help others, and in doing so, you get paid even more?

I am only going into my 2nd month now, but when Month 5 rolls around, I will be getting a guaranteed check to atleast break even on my fixed monthly costs, even if I generate absolutely no leads at all after Month 5.

But I am much too greedy for that. On the contrary, I plan on ramping this up much bigger. Why would I not?  I know that if I help generate leads now, or rather I get other members better than me to do it for me, I can GET PAID as soon as possible. 

If I carry this momentum on into month 5 and beyond, then my paychecks will only grow and grow larger over the course of time, and at that point, I will be getting paid to do so...GUARANTEED!

This business is set up in such a way that I have to call this nothing short of a "dream" business model.

Want to know more about this?  Great! I would too...If you don't want to know more about this, you don't have a pulse! LOL

Just opt-in at -- -- and watch the video that comes after for all the info.


I think some people who see the page, without reading what you have read so far, click off of it because its not very fancy.  It doesn't "capture the eye" like so many glitzy pages we are used to being dazzled by, only to get bogus or useless information out of them.  This was done on purpose.  What we don't want are a bunch of tire-kickers or freebie seekers looking at this.

So within this plain, unassuming opt-in page, there is some very powerful information you will learn about in there so go ahead and opt-in, turn off all distractions, and watch the webinar with your full attention -- because I believe you will be blown away by what you're about to see...

This is a real testimonial that came in from Dale M. who watched it and said this...

I just watched this webinar (and training). Seriously. I'm dropping EVERYTHING else. Turning off the endless email offers. I'm not chasing fake rabbits down a hole anymore. This is it. Yes. I found my future. ~Dale M.

Once you get started, then you'll be off earning your own paychecks, making $200 per month and growing, in less than 60 days too, if you take action!

Here is that link again ==>

~Mike J Anthony

P.S.  As I mentioned earlier, we are only a small number of people working on this right now so the potential for future earnings is very great indeed.  I only hope that the CEO, Dan Hollings, keeps giving us a portion of his multi-million dollar business as long as possible. Get all the info right now, right here -->

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