This Guy Just Bought a Hotel...(Are You Kidding Me?) 😲😲😲

Published by Mike J Anthony — 2-12-2018 at 9:29 PM UTC

His name is Paul Lynch, and I am associated with him because we are both in the same online business community called MOBE, created by Matt Lloyd.

Paul made a lot of money with MOBE, a few million dollars atleast.

Then, he went on to start his own high ticket affiliate marketing company and his sales exploded from there.

I also became one of Paul's affiliates with that business too, though I admittedly don't do much with it.

I honestly didn't think he made that much money but, obviously, I was wrong.

I was quite surprised to see that he just bought a hotel.

I am happy for him though, because I know how he started.

It all started with MOBE.

MOBE is quite possibly the most powerful high ticket affiliate marketing program online today!

I've seen people like Paul Lynch, Shaqir Hussyin, Steven Bransfield, and others roll over their MOBE earnings into other things, like high value real estate investments, because of what they were able to achieve in MOBE first.

MOBE actually teaches you things like this. Not just how to earn money but also how to keep it and invest it.

Steven Bransfield, for example, is now trying to create his first $1 MILLION month of net earnings as we speak.  

That's right $1,000,000 in ONE MONTH using MOBE's business model alone!  He's already done $250,000 in a single month as far as I know, so why not 1 million?

I do not know of any other online business where this is even remotely possible.

It is with MOBE.

Check out this video and apply to become a MOBE partner and you may be buying your own hotel someday.


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