WHY Do You Want An Online Business and How Far Are You Prepared to Go?

Published by Mike J Anthony — 2-7-2018 at 9:39 PM UTC

I was inspired to write this from a Facebook post that a woman named Theresa wrote in our private FB group.

It reminds me of WHY I want to do this...this internet marketing stuff.  And its because I want to help people and leave a legacy behind as one who helped others.  

I want to be someone whose life meant something to others.

THIS is what you truly need to get in your mind...your WHY!

Unlike the people flashing lamborghinis, yachts, and mansions in your face will tell you...this stuff is not easy, so you need to have a WHY.  

Will you get down and out sometimes? YES. Discouraged? YES!  

But you got to keep moving. That's what makes it great or else everyone would do it. But they don't!  

They don't do what we DO! They can't!  They don't have your WHY!

When I decided to become an entrepreneur, whether online or offline, I had better put on my "big boy pants" because time is going to move on with or without you.

What are you prepared to do?

Personally, I think its much harder to get up and go to a job I don't like, or go to the same building day after day to an alarm clock each morning, or deal with people I would never hang out with if I didn't have to work with them...than building myself an online business.

Even with all the trials and tribulations that life and business will throw at you.  Its even worse at your job because there's no reward there.

At the end of 30+ years, your employer will thank you for all your hard work and send you on your way to fend for yourself once again.

Id rather work my butt off for 4-5 years in my own business than spend 30+ years working for someone else who is only going to get rid of me anyway.

What are you going to do?

What is your WHY?

Forget about how "hard" it is. Do it anyway! That's the fun of it. That's what makes it great.  

If you persevere, there are great rewards on the other side, instead of a pinkslip!

I've given you the vehicle (link below).

It all depends on what you decide to do with it...

~~> http://mikejanthony.com/onpassive

If you need any help or simply want to chat, feel free to contact me directly at mic0510@gmail.com.

~Mike J Anthony

"There is Greatness Inside You"

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