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Published by Mike J Anthony — 2-2-2018 at 7:23 PM UTC

Crowd Mining Bitcoin Made Easy. The recent lowering (crashing?) of Bitcoin has caused a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) in the cryptocurrency space.  I believe this presents a buying opportunity in crowd mining Bitcoin, as its usually most beneficial to buy when it hurts the most. I think now is one of those times.

Depending on who you talk to who might tell you otherwise, this is NOT the end of Bitcoin.  One way to participate in the Bitcoin market is to buy it outright on an exchange like Coinbase, or to use a method called "Crowd Mining".  

What Is Crowd Mining?

Cryptocurrency "Mining" is when you are able to "win", or obtain, a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, using special computers which solve very complex algorithms.  You get a piece of the Bitcoin blockchain that is transacted and that is your net "win" in return for your computer's participation in contributing to the worldwide Bitcoin network's security.  

Mining, in general, was once able to be done using a home computer in Bitcoin's early days.  Nowadays, however, this process has become very energy intensive and the computer equipment involved is very specialized and expensive.  Only those with the technological and financial resources required to mine profitably would still attempt to do this at home.  This process is no longer cost effective for most people using a general home computer.

"Crowd Mining", on the other hand, works the same way except that you would join a mining "pool" of other individuals, thus lowering your costs.  You will use a crowd mining company's resources, i.e. their computers and their electricity.  You will instead pay a portion of these costs, rather than all of it, and you would share in the crytocurrency "wins" that are generated from the pool as a whole, depending on the amount of computer resources (hashing contracts) that you have purchased from the mining company.

This crowd mining Bitcoin method makes it much more cost effective for an individual to get involved with mining Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrency, without having to use their own resources.

The increase in the popularity of the crowd mining method in recent years has made it difficult to obtain contracts to do any crowd mining with. A handful of companies still offer contracts to mine Bitcoin on a limited basis. The cheapest of these, which still offer Bitcoin contracts, is a company called Hashflare.

Hashflare offers 1-year contracts in Bitcoin (limited stock), Litecoin, and Ethereum.  The cheapest contracts are Bitcoin, using whats called SHA-256 mining contracts, though these are limited.  The most expensive of these contracts are for Litecoin, using Scrypt contracts, currently.

Since Bitcoin has had a considerable drop in price, then mining Bitcoin using the SHA-256 crowd mining pool is my suggested method for breaking into this market before the price goes back up.  These contracts pay out daily once you have purchased a 1 year contract.

Using Hashflare is a great way to mine Bitcoin while the price is in a correction because you will be able to obtain even more Bitcoin per daily transaction the lower the price goes.  So you will want to mine as many Bitcoin as possible at the lowest prices before prices go back up.

I almost forgot to mention that Hashflare offers an automatic reinvestment feature. So this means that when you get your daily mining payout, it can be set to automatically be reinvested back into more computer resources with one click, thus increasing your daily payout over time.  This feature alone is another reason why this is a great opportunity to start crowd mining now using this company. 

If Bitcoin ever returns to levels previously seen, sub-$20,000 for example, then this reinvestment feature is absolute gold!  That's why it helps to start crowd mining Bitcoin while prices are much lower than that. (Click the link below)

I LOVE that the Bitcoin price has gone as low as it has, as it allows me to purchase more of them.  So I do not mind if the price goes even lower, because every day I am crowd mining new Bitcoins at whatever the price happens to be.  

If you believe the price of Bitcoin will go back up at some point, and I most definitely do, then this is a great opportunity for you to get into Bitcoin using Hashflare crowd mining below...

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