How to Sell Any Products Online With A Webinar Marketing Strategy

Published by Mike J Anthony — 1-23-2018 at 6:05 PM UTC

The benefits of using a webinar marketing strategy are many. Rather than having to implement a plan for incorporating webinar marketing into your business strategy yourself, one company allows you to leverage their own successful webinar marketing platform

Webinar marketing is a business strategy that uses online seminars, or webinars, to connect with wider audiences and promote products and services. 

In traditional affiliate marketing, the affiliate employing this strategy needs to turn leads into buying customers or sales.  This is called "conversion" and can be difficult and costly for the average would-be affiliate marketer.

This inability to "covert" leads into sales is exactly why 95% of affiliate marketers fail and only 5% succeed on average.

A webinar marketing strategy is very useful since it provides a personal connection through the use of online video.

This "personal connection" through online video, along with email follow-up, greatly increases the odds for converting leads into sales.

One reason this is true is because a webinar marketing strategy increases information retention.  Webinar viewers will retain 95% of the information they receive verses just 10% if they were to read it through text.

These days, online videos account for a large portion of all online traffic, so a webinar marketing strategy, targeted to the right audience, would increase the chances of viewers being more likely to buy products and services this way.  So a webinar marketing strategy is perfect for selling any products and services online.

One webinar marketing company is now giving away a portion of its multi-million dollar webinar business to those who want to help grow their webinar business in exchange for a piece of the profits.

This company, called Vetted Webinars, is looking for a limited number of people to share in the profits of an already existing and profitable multi-million dollar webinar business.

Those who participate, will not have to do this themselves as they could get started right away while leveraging an already successful webinar marketing strategy without having to convert leads into sales, and without the high costs of traditional affiliate marketing.

Those interested in becoming partners of their webinar business just plug into Vetted Webinar's system and bring leads to its webinars.  The company provides training and mentorship on exactly how to do this effectively.  

Once leads are brought in, the company then uses its vast resources to convert the leads into sales itself, and pays affiliates a portion of the profits according to how many leads they bring into the system.  In this way, the affiliate does not have to worry about converting any leads into sales themselves, but they still get paid.

Vetted Webinars is giving the opportunity to tap into an already proven, successful webinar marketing strategy, and get paid for matching leads to webinars that you don't have to create or host. 

This webinar marketing strategy is much better than going it alone, attempting to use your own limited resources to convert leads into sales, and becoming one of the 95% of those who fail at affiliate marketing in general.

Here is where you can get more information on their webinar marketing strategy:



Mike J Anthony

P.S. Actual Testimonial:  "I just watch this webinar (and training). Seriously. I'm dropping EVERYTHING else. Turning off the endless email offers. I'm not chasing fake rabbits down a hole anymore. This is it. Yes. I found my future."  ~Dale M.

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