Profiting From the Webinar Business Model

Published by Mike J Anthony — 1-22-2018 at 9:08 PM UTC

A webinar business model is one where the host of a webinar business, or an affiliate of a webinar business model, goes out to find speakers to present webinars on a specific topic and then sells products to interested audiences that attend the webinars.

If a webinar business sells high ticket products and services, then affiliates of a webinar business model can generate higher commissions for themselves since the products and services offered are higher quality, and therefore more expensive.

This is called high ticket 'Affiliate Marketing', which is the most commonly used business model of online entrepreneurs.  Why?

Because, as an affiliate of a webinar business model, you do not have to create your own webinars. Instead, you make a commission from bringing leads into someone else's webinars.  

But, Affiliate Marketing, in general, still has one major problem...

The #1 problem facing affiliate marketers is that you still have to turn leads into sales.  This is a process called "conversions", and without it, the whole business model falls apart.

Here is an excerpt from a multi-million dollar high ticket affiliate marketing company's blog:

"With the internet, you can sell to a lot more people in a shorter space of time. However, it's typically more expensive because of the cost of marketing, and it's more difficult to convert someone into a high ticket buyer without the personal connection." (emphasis mine)

So even a successful affiliate marketing company, if its telling the truth, will tell you that conversions are difficult to come by and the costs are high.

This is exactly why 95% of affiliate marketers fail and only 5% succeed on average.

So, not only does an affiliate marketer have to overcome turning a lead into a sale, but they also have to overcome the high costs of doing that, if its done at all.

Its not that its not a good business is, as Amazon has already proven, being the largest and most successful affiliate program in the world.  But most people do not know how to turn leads into sales and/or do not want to create their own webinars.

Unfortunately for affiliate marketers, turning leads into sales is the only way they get paid. So once they find out they cannot turn leads into sales with any consistency, they give up and quit.

But what if you were able to CHANGE THE GAME, and not have to convert any leads into sales, or create and host your own webinars at all, and you still got paid?

Wouldn't that be a dream-come-true for would-be webinar business affiliates?

That's exactly what one webinar business is doing, by giving away a portion of its multi-million dollar webinar business.

This company, called Vetted Webinars, is changing the game by allowing a limited number of people to share in the profits of an already existing and profitable multi-million dollar webinar business model without starting from scratch, without having to convert leads into sales, and without the high costs of marketing.

The above quote: "'s more difficult to convert someone into a high ticket buyer without the personal connection." brings to light a key point about the webinar business model...

Webinars, by nature, provide exactly the "personal connection" that someone needs to turn them into a high ticket buyer, thus generating larger profits for affiliates.

Also, since webinars, by their very nature, use video, then viewers will retain 95% of the information they receive verses just 10% if they were to read it through text.

As of 2017, online video now accounts for 74% of all online traffic, so video is much preferred and, as such, people are more likely to buy products and services this way.

So the webinar business model is perfect for selling high ticket products, thus generating higher commissions for affiliates of a high ticket webinar business.

People who want to become webinar business affiliates just plug into Vetted Webinar's system and bring leads to its webinars through company-provided training.  The company then uses its vast resources to convert the leads into sales itself, and pays affiliates for the leads they brought in.

Vetted Webinars also provides everything you need to get started, plus training on how to get leads, plus mentorship, and more.

If you could buy into an already proven, successful webinar business model, and get paid for bringing leads to webinars that you don't have to create, why wouldn't you? 

This is much better than going it alone, trying to use your own limited resources to convert leads, and becoming one of the 95% of those who fail at affiliate marketing.

Currently, Vetted Webinars is looking for Partners and Apprentices to help them grow and become one the biggest players in the world in the webinar business field.

Here is where you can get more information on their webinar business model:


Vetted Webinars truly is CHANGING THE GAME, and you're going to want to be a part of it.

See you inside,

Mike J Anthony

P.S. Unsolicited Testimonial:  "I just watch this webinar (and training). Seriously. I'm dropping EVERYTHING else. Turning off the endless email offers. I'm not chasing fake rabbits down a hole anymore. This is it. Yes. I found my future."  ~Dale M.

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