Starting a Home Based Business Online Is A Lot Harder Than You Think

Published by Mike J Anthony — 1-8-2018 at 9:24 PM UTC

Most people who attempt to start a home based business online find out that they are in for a rude awakening when getting deep into this process.

Sure, if you find a good online business model, it can be very lucrative.  But starting a home based business online can also be something of a shock to those who are unprepared.

This is not to scare anyone, but because this process is a lot harder than most think, the failure rate is higher than it needs to be.

Dan Hollings, an internationally acclaimed marketing strategist with a roster of large clients, noticed that after helping thousands of entrepreneurs and start-ups establish online businesses, more people consistently fail rather than succeed.

Dan observed that, on a day-by-day basis, people usually struggle to start their home based online businesses for a number of reasons.

One reason is that people underestimate what it takes and the resources that go into starting a home based business online.

Most think they can just go online and make money by themselves without considering what is actually involved to become successful.

Sometimes, it's the technological and business requirements, such as licensing, that overwhelms the new business owner.

Other times, its the need for capital for any variety of things, advertising and so forth, that outweigh any profits that do come in.

Many times, its the sheer isolation that a home based online entrepreneur might feel after getting their business established and working on it after awhile.  People thrive when working with mentors and with teams.

One online small business, education, and training company, called AWOL (Another Way Of Life) helps with these issues by doing what many cannot do by themselves, or don't want to do.

AWOL helps online entrepreneurs start a home based business online without all the headaches that traditionally goes into such a venture.

It provides high ticket products to sell, so you don't have to create any yourself.  It takes care of the back-office infrastructure, fulfillment, customer service and follow-up, using a professional sales team that closes sales for you.

In fact, the main job of a AWOL affiliate, or consultant, as they are called, is to drive traffic to a variety of different offers, available in their back-office, and then let the AWOL system do the rest.

That way, the entrepreneur does not have to focus on the grinding day-to-day non-profitable activities and focus solely on the profitable activity of driving traffic to a variety of quality, low and high ticket offers.

AWOL also has private online networking groups and holds live event training masterminds in various locations so people can get together with others, meet each other, learn, and have fun in groups.

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to start a home-based business online without all the headaches it normally takes to operate one, visit for all the information you need to get started.

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