Affiliate System Provides High Ticket Items To Sell Online

Published by Mike J Anthony — 1-7-2018 at 3:40 PM UTC

In order to make job-killing income online, you need a system that provides high ticket items to sell online.  You do not have to do all the selling yourself, but in that case, you need a system that does the selling for you.

Before I tell you how and where you can do that, let me tell you a little story to help you understand why an affiliate products business model selling high ticket items online is the smarter way to go...

Have you ever noticed how the waiters and waitresses in a restaurant go about their work?

If not, then picture this:

You're having dinner with some friends and your mind wanders away from the conversation.

You notice the waiters/waitresses working.

It's a crazy busy night.

They're all running back and forth to the kitchen, to the bar, grabbing plates of food, drinks, silverware, napkins…

As you continue to watch them, you suddenly realize something: each one of them is trying to do the most work in the fewest steps possible.

It’s a recipe for high productivity: Get the most done with the least amount of effort.

That, my friend, is exactly the way that internet millionaire, Matt Lloyd and I, work!  Matt is the creator of the system that allows the selling of these high ticket items and products I was telling you about.

This “fewest steps” idea brings me to a book by consultant and business coach, Dan Kennedy, in which he talks about the shortest distance between two points. 

The points he was referring to were not Points A and B; they were $0 and $1 million.

He made this simple diagram of how many steps it would take to get a business to $1 million.

Product Price                        Steps

$1,000,000.00                         1 Step

$100,000.00                            10 Steps

$10,000.00                              100 Steps

$1,000.00                                1,000 Steps

$100.00                                   10,000 Steps

$10.00                                    100,000 Steps

What does it mean, exactly?

If you’re selling a $10 product, you need to take 100,000 steps (sell 100,000 of them) to make your million.

But if you’re selling a million dollar product?

It’s just one step.


So, is it better to get rich by selling 100,000 products at $10 a piece or selling 100 products at $10,000 a piece?  

For me, having high ticket items to sell online is by far the better way to go!

You decide.

But why make things difficult for yourself—when they can really be so easy?

Take a look at Matt's system that provides you with high ticket items to sell online.

Talk soon,

Mike J Anthony

PS: How many steps do you want to take to get to your first million? 100,000? Or a few hundred. It’s your decision… 

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