How To Get More Facebook Video Views

Published by Mike J Anthony — 1-2-2018 at 8:34 PM UTC

How to get more Facebook video views -- If you've been posting YouTube videos to Facebook, start learning how to get more video views from Facebook itself.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock you can't escape the sheer EXPLOSION of video growth online.

Growth on YouTube, Vimeo, and video hosting sites, like Wistia, is OFF THE CHARTS.

Over 1 BILLION hours of content are viewed on YouTube every day – that's insane.

But here's an even more interesting fact...

Regular "video" isn't where the biggest growth is...

LIVE Interaction, Shares, and Likes Is Where The REAL Explosion Of Video Marketing Is Happening!

So you can learn how to get more Facebook videos views -- up to 40x more -- to 200,000+ for FR.E.E by using this Auto Emulate Live Simulation Software in any niche?

In 3 Easy Steps...

Step 1 - Enter Your Pre-Recorded Video

Step 2 - Configure your settings with how many viewers and likes

Step 3 - Click “Upload” and your video is ready within minutes

Proven to work in 100's of niches - E-Com, Fitness, Video Marketing, Business Opportunity, Lawn Care, Martial Arts, Wedding Services, Coffee Shops, Massage Services And Many More...

Generate a red hot buyer list or just build some great brand awareness for your business.

Your Facebook Video Views Exposure Will SkyRocket With 10 - 40X More Organic Reach!

Because people will see simulated likes and 1000's of viewers on your video, they will naturally start engaging with your content and that means:

Facebook will reward you by actually sharing your video with More People, More Likes, More Shares, and More Clicks to any website you want.

Sit back and relax as your video is “simulated live”

It's never been easier once you see how to get more Facebook video views with this auto emulate software...

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P.S. In 2016, when asked at Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women International Summit in London where Facebook would be in a half decade in terms of mobile and video, Vice President of Facebook Europe/Middle East/Africa, Nicola Mendelsohn, said the social network would "definitely" be mobile, and would "probably" be "all video."

"If I was having a bet," she said, "it'd be video, video, video." Video content on Facebook is growing even more quickly than the company anticipated.

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