Whatever you want out of life, just go grab it...

Published by Mike J Anthony — 12-9-2017 at 2:13 PM UTC

"Whatever you want out of life, just go grab it," ~Ms. Guttman, 81

These are the words of an 81 year old woman who lives in a retirement community in Florida...

I was inspired to write this because of a story I just saw about an unlikely friendship that formed between a 22 year old black male and a 81 year old white woman (pictured above).

The two met while playing a mobile app game.  But because of life's interference, the young man was going to delete the app and say goodbye to his new friend.  

Before he deleted the app, the young man asked the older woman for some advice.

She told him, "Whatever you want out of life, just go grab it,"

I thought I'd repeat it here for you because it is simple, to-the-point, and spoken by a person who has lived a long time and seen many things in 8 decades.

Unfortunately, many of us do not want to do exactly what she said.

We like to complicate everything, be scared to go after our dreams, settle for what we get, and on and on it goes...

At OnPassive, we show you how to go after whatever it is you want out of life.


Take the sound advice of that 80-year old...It really is that simple!

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