Facebook Ads Seem Impossible For You?

Published by Mike J Anthony — 10-10-2017 at 2:50 PM UTC

It’s no secret that FB Ads and other paid traffic methods are a massive SHORTCUT to wealth…

They let you take what you’re selling and put it smack dab in front of who wants to buy it!

For example…

If you’re selling a product that helps brides lose those remaining 10 lbs. of unwanted weight, just 3 weeks before their wedding…

Then you can hop onto FB, and run ads to busy and beautiful brides that are nearing their wedding, and are telling you from their likes, etc. that they would LOVE to lose those last unwanted pounds before the big day!

And that’s just touching the surface of what’s possible with their targeting options!

The reason I bring this up is: there’s a guy that just posted about how he’s struggling to get his ads profitable.

He feels there’s just no hope for his $30 offer.

Here’s the thing… The industry has changed. The days of “penny clicks” are over.

The days of making a lot of money, if any at all, going from an Ad to just your front end offer? Yep. That isn’t happening any more.

The truth of the matter is, you want to be able to invest the MOST in your ads to generate a lead.

This guy wanted $0.30 clicks. I know of 6 and 7-figure a month earners who are happily spending over $25.


It’s because they understand the economics of a profitable business. You MUST be able to afford to get a customer!

Rule #1, right?

That’s why it’s super-duper CRITICAL you consider the back-end of your business, on the front-end.

Most do this bass-ackwards.

If you’re only able to earn $30 to $97 a sale, you’re really limiting yourself, aren’t you?

However… If you know on average, that 1 out of 5 $97 sales will turn into a $1,000 sale… And out of every 3 $1,000 sales you’re getting, 1 will turn into a $6,000 or $10,000 sale for you?

Do you see how that changes EVERYTHING that’s possible in your business?

It’s how 6 and 7-figure lifestyle friendly businesses happen.


Selling high-ticket offers isn’t always easy-peasy.

And creating them yourself? Ugh. Most never get it going at all.

That’s why I’m recommending this system…

===> It sells high-ticket FOR YOU!!

Can’t beat that, right?

It be nice to get an unexpected message that “someone else” just closed a $10,000 deal for you, right?

All while you’re traveling, playing, spending time with friends or family, or are working on other FUN things!

Happens every day with this system.

Hope this helps you out!


Mike J Anthony

PS. Again, before you spend a penny on your ads, make sure your offer, from front to back, makes sense for you financially.

===> I truly feel this may help

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