ViralURL Elite Membership for Solo Ad Lead Generation

Published by Mike J Anthony — 12-10-2019 at 3:09 PM UTC

ViralURL is a great way to generate traffic and leads with its solo ads to more than 240K members.

It is time-tested, proven, and a trusted source. I would know from personal experience because I've been using it for over 10 years now, since 2008.

Because of my extensive experience with ViralURL, I can now easily testify that the best way to use the service is with the top Elite membership level.

You can sign up for free but, in my opinion, this is not the best use of this service.

There are 6 memberships to choose from: Free, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite.  

The Free membership is a good way to get in and see what the service has to offer but the most effective, and most profitable, use of the service is with the Elite membership level.

Brand new accounts have a one-time offer, available upon signup, to pick up the Elite membership for $447 Lifetime, and pay nothing else...EVER!

Without the Elite Lifetime offer, the regular price would be $247/yr for free members to upgrade to this.

The Elite Lifetime offer is something I wish I took advantage of when I first started using ViralURL.

After I've had good experience with it, it would have literally saved me hundreds of dollars in the 10+ years I've been using it since.

As a Gold member, I had been paying $197/yr for my Elite membership. That's why I highly recommend going with the $447 one-time Elite Lifetime offer!

I've spent more money on other services that were not nearly as effective as ViralURL is. 

The members are highly responsive to the MMO/Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing fields, though other fields could be promoted too.

You also get access to banners and text ads, guaranteed visitors, geo-targeting, extra mailing credits, and more...

Elite members can also have random members placed in their downline. So if someone happens to show up in your downline, and you did no referring, that would be how they got there.

One of the best features of the Elite membership is that you can send out mailings to 6,000 random members every 3 days, or 60,000 total members every month.

In addition, your banners and text ads, which Elite members have 5 each, also get sent out to all members who aren't Elite members already, giving you extra exposure.

Elite members also do not get emails with ads from any of the other members.

If you want to open up everything ViralURL has to offer, then the ELITE membership is the way to go.

Once you see the benefits of this, you will be using it for years to come, just like I do.

The best way to save with ViralURL is to pick up the $447 ELITE Lifetime offer immediately upon signing up - its a one-time only offer. However, if you use my special access link, you can grab it for $364

Here's where to do that:

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