How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Cards Instantly

Published by Mike J Anthony — 5-6-2019 at 9:13 PM UTC

If you’ve been looking to buy bitcoin with a credit card, you’re in luck.  Keep reading…

The reason why people are looking to buy bitcoin with credit cards and prepaid cards is simple.  Its difficult to buy it any other way.

Right now, the main way to buy bitcoin, and any other crypto asset, is to first open an account on an exchange, like Coinbase

Then you need to get a bank account connected and verified, which takes up to 7 days.  Then you might be able to buy bitcoin with a credit card if the exchange offers that service.

Then, there is another limitation which is coming to light: Certain banks are blocking customers from being able to purchase bitcoin.  See Another US Bank Blocks Customers From Buying Bitcoin.  

One service, called XCoins, allows members to be able to buy bitcoin with credit cards instantly. It also allows investors who already own Bitcoin to lend it out for a profit.  

You can make deposits or withdrawals to your bitcoin wallet.

Its really pretty interesting.

Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Instantly


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